By Jackie Bellamy-Zions

Guelph, ON, Oct. 25, 2018 - Come see the interactive, award-winning display EquiMania! Trotting back into Toronto for its 13th appearance at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, EquiMania! looks forward to once again joining in the tradition of bringing the country to the city this November 2 – 11. 

Hop in for fun with the new Hopscotch game teaching kids to be safe around horses and on the horse farm. Then weave your way over to braid a horse tail, dig the bones in the bone box, and generally indulge your enthusiasm for all things equine. Learn about anatomy and biology of horses with scale models and real bones. A giant “tree of life” shows the amazing journey leading up to the birth of a foal and then the first stages of life. There is plenty of hands-on fun and no one will leave without learning something new about horses.

Contests, Contests, Contests

Before you leave EquiMania! be sure to fill in a ballot for your chance to win one of our online short courses on

KIDS – looking for more chances to win cool prizes? We have a contest where you could win one of five chances to take an awesome three-week online course, Horse Behaviour and Safety for Youth, January 21 – February 8th. Simply write down your name and email along with under 100 words describing the coolest thing you have learned about horses so far or the reason why you like horses and hand it in to any of the staff working in the EquiMania! booth.

No one leaves EquiMania! Without learning something new about horses. Photo: Henrietta Coole

Equine Guelph 15th Anniversary

Equine Guelph at the University of Guelph is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary thanks to the support of the horse industry. In 2003, EquiMania! a youth education program, was developed and has operated on a zero-based budget for 13 years! 

We could not do it without our loyal sponsors and our amazing volunteers: ESSO, Greenhawk, Kubota Canada, Ontario Equestrian, Shur-Gain, SSG Gloves, Standardbred Canada, System Fencing, and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.

Kids can also visit to play games online and learn more about horses. 

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Equine Guelph.

Main photo: Canstock/Kzenon