Podcast - Healthy Activation and Embracing Discomfort with Jane Pike

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Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | Episode 70

What a treat of a conversation with Jane Pike of The Confident Rider for this episode of the Whole Horse Podcast. Before we even started recording, my face was hurting from giggling. That spirit continued as we traversed territory around working with and not against our emotions with our horses, practical simple steps to restore regulation in our nervous systems and build in resilience, how to work with healthy activation and discomfort, and how to navigate losing our tempers with grace and growth so that we can find better footing in the future. An excellent listen for any horse person, who, like me, loves adding tools to my toolkit that facilitate connection with my horses and beyond.

As a qualified and successful equestrian mental skills, mindset & trauma-informed movement coach, Jane has worked with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence, connection and performance. When she’s not coaching her fabulous students, Jane hangs out with her beloved horses and family, in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. Jane is a US and NZ Board Approved Coach, Certified Mental Skills Coach, Registered NLP Coach and Practitioner, Yoga Therapist & Trauma Informed Movement Coach, Certified Master of Hypnotherapy and Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. Learn more about Jane at https://confidentrider.online/