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When determining the amount of protein supplied in a horse’s diet, all the feeds must be taken into consideration. How much protein is in the forage and how much is in the grain? Are there supplements to be considered? How much of each is being fed? What ingredients are used to make the grain and the supplements?

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All Natural Premium Animal Bedding - PrimeBed is a new, environmentally and user-friendly bedding alternative to conventional straw or wood pellets.

Clinically proven to prevent and treat ulcers - Clinically proven to prevent and treat ulcers. Gastric ulcers in horses are far more common than people realize. The condition is often associated with horses kept in stalls, frequently trailered, or undergoing intensive training. The associated anxiety in addition to artificial and controlled feeding routines alien to a horse’s natural grazing patterns may put the animal under varying levels of stress.

Earlier this year, two pairs of Muck Boots arrived at the Canadian Horse Journal office in Sidney, BC, for testing. Elisa, our designer, and I each took a pair and put them to the test.

As a fan and longtime user of Rocky Mountain Riders Rescue Rub, I was thrilled when they released Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub. Just like the product for people, the equine version is 100 percent natural, hand crafted with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I have been using Riders Rescue Rub for some time now with great success for relief from general muscle tension, and it’s essential after a fall or injury.

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Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning - is an Alberta-based company owned by myself, Kari Fulmek, horse lover, leader in the field of women’s skill development and a lifelong entrepreneur. The company offers unique learning experiences with horses that help our clients face challenges and build valuable life skills, develop confidence and self-esteem, and encourage them to set achievable goals.

In spring and summer, many horses can suffer from Sweet Itch, an allergic skin response to the bite of midges. The midges focus on the mane, back or tail, under the belly and on the legs. The rubbing and biting can lead to loss of hair, bald patches and broken or bleeding skin. Constant aggravation will lead to interruptions in grazing or feeding.




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