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In spring and summer, many horses can suffer from Sweet Itch, an allergic skin response to the bite of midges. The midges focus on the mane, back or tail, under the belly and on the legs. The rubbing and biting can lead to loss of hair, bald patches and broken or bleeding skin. Constant aggravation will lead to interruptions in grazing or feeding.

You know what it’s like when your back is sore and you’ve got to clean the paddock with a wheelbarrow and shovel. It takes forever and now your back is really sore.

Have you had those days when you seem to be spending too much time scrubbing and cleaning instead of getting on with other things? Stalls, floors, steel bar dividers, waterers, and dark corners in the trailer are notorious for the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast and odour. So why not use a product that can fix the problem and free up your time?

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Strathcona Ventures has done it again with another great product under their umbrella of equine brands: DryGuy Waterproofing. Having spent most of my life living on the “wet coast” here on Vancouver Island, I appreciate a product that helps keep me and my horses dry. It’s also environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals, so I was keen to test it.

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Nutrition is a complicated subject involving the many functional characteristics of the food being consumed and the intimate interactions the constituent components of any food will have within the body. To further complicate the subject, we are becoming evermore aware of the delicate relationship between ethology and nutrition. For the horse owner, the subject need not be this complicated though.

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Proper hoof trimming is vital to preventing lameness and injury in horses. Keeping the hoof bars aligned and healthy is also dependent upon trimming. Bars appear as white lines along the frog and are made up of laminae. Think of the bars like plastic straws – if you push on the straw from the end, it stays strong and holds its form. If a straw gets too long, it will likely bend when pressure is applied and become weaker. In order to keep bars aligned and healthy, hooves need to be trimmed and collected on a regular basis. Without healthy bars, a horse can develop a “stacked sole,” or worse, a bruised sole or abscess.

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All Natural Premium Animal Bedding - PrimeBed is a new, environmentally and user-friendly bedding alternative to conventional straw or wood pellets.






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