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Better for the Horse. Better for the Rider. “We recommend ThinLine for horses that are back sore, horses that have saddle issues, and to help reduce the impacts that riding has on horses,” says FEI certified veterinarian Dr. Fernando Cardenas in North Carolina, USA who also breeds warmblood sport horses.

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2023 marked the worst fire season in Canadian history. Alberta had earlier-than-normal fires, flames threatened Nova Scotian communities, wildfires in eastern Canada produced smoke that stalled North America’s eastern seaboard, 65 percent of the population of the Northwest Territories was forced to evacuate, plus massive British Columbia wildfires burnt homes and displaced people. Smoke was ubiquitous, affecting horse and human health.

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Stall confinement. Tighter living quarters. Trailering and travel. Indoor exercise and dusty arenas. These factors have led to a significant increase in allergic reactions and low-level respiratory disease.

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Lingering effects of COVID-19 - Much of Canada’s horse community is still suffering financially, mentally, and emotionally from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the horse industry is expected to continue recovering during 2023.

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“From an insurance perspective, it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a 15-hand Quarter Horse out in the back country or off a 17-hand Warmblood in the show ring,” says Mike King, National Practice Leader and Partner at Acera Insurance (formerly CapriCMW). “The potential for injury to yourself or damage to property is still there. There’s always some risk associated with being in proximity of, or managing, a 500-kilogram animal.”

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Horses, trucks, and trailers are all big investments, so it makes sense to use the best tools available to help keep horses and drivers safe and comfortable while hauling down the road. In addition, horses are live cargo that moves around when traveling and hauls very differently than “dead weight” cargo.

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At CF Fence in southern Okanagan, BC, owner Alan Cossentine recognizes the value and importance of safe, reliable fencing for livestock on farms and ranches.

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For horse owners, one of the most frequent areas of pressing health concern is their animals’ digestive system. Colic, ulcers, diarrhea, and leaky gut syndrome can be a constant affront to the well-being and success of equine athletes.

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“Western fashion is timeless,” says Jeff Lammle, whose father Barry started Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack 40 years ago. “The Western lifestyle is different for everyone. Whether you live in a rural setting, small town, or big city, Western fashion lends itself to different variations of what it means to dress Western.”

The horse’s digestive system was designed to receive frequent small meals and as such, large meals fed less often can lead to health problems such as colic, ulcers, and laminitis. Prolonged periods of time between feedings can also give rise to undesired behavioural habits such as cribbing, biting, weaving, pacing, and food aggression.

Your Innovative Feeding Solution - Problem: The conventional methods of feeding horses are both labour- and time-intensive and can impact their health and well-being.






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