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Free 30-Minute Consultation - Equestrian Mental Performance Coach Annika McGivern is on a mission to help riders develop the mental fitness required for success in their sport, and to help riders have a little more fun in the saddle along the way. Many riders struggle with low confidence, high show nerves and anxiety, or are haunted by a bad fall. Still more experience difficulty pushing through the natural fear that accompanies jumping bigger or moving up a level.

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One of our core beliefs is that good nutrition starts in utero for a long, healthy life for our equine friends. Starting with balanced nutrition in the womb, through development and maturity, our horses are living longer, healthier lives. But even with enhanced management, age begins to take a toll on digestive health. Read on to learn about the signs to watch for in your aging horse and when it may be time to switch to a senior diet.

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Equine farms have their own set of tasks that make compact and maneuverable machines a necessity. Weidemann articulated loaders, telescopic loaders, and telehandlers provide ideal material handling solutions to increase productivity every day. In addition to a compact footprint, these machines can be equipped with many different attachments for versatility that horse farm owners will find indispensable.

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Regenerative medicine covers a suite of different technologies that enhance the horse’s natural healing process and help them heal faster. Equine veterinarians have been using regenerative medicine for the past decade to treat joint disease and soft tissue injuries; however, it’s new to many horse owners and only equine veterinarians specializing in sports medicine tend to offer the technologies.

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With warmer weather arriving and the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) receding, many riders are thinking about loading their horses in their trailer and hauling to new places. But before hooking up a horse trailer that’s been parked all winter or even one that’s been used all winter on salt and grit-covered roads, it’s wise to have the trailer serviced to ensure that everything is working properly.

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More than 33 years ago, Arnold Epstein, founder of Equiade and long-time horseman and pharmacist, was searching for an effective way to enhance equine performance. After spending time developing the product to find exactly the right mixture for maximum effect, he created Body Support.

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Equine botulism occurs when horses are exposed to botulinum neurotoxin, an incredibly powerful toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The most common way a horse becomes exposed to this toxin is by eating feed that has been contaminated with bacterial spores and subsequently having conditions that allowed for growth of those bacteria and release of the toxin. Clostridium botulinum spores can be found in soil almost anywhere, making contamination with these spores extremely common. High risk feeds for equine botulism include haylage, silage, and round bales. Any feed, however, can become contaminated and reports of equine botulism caused by square bales, pelleted feeds, sweet feeds, and even pasture clippings have been received.




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