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Our Horses Lead Stressful Lives… Their genetics dictate that they live free, roam large areas, graze 20 hours a day, and have an established position in the “pecking order” of their herd. In captivity, our horses live in a confinement management system, are fed intermittent meals, and are often separated from other horses.

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With Scott Phillips of Amazing Horse Country - We often hear the term “dream horse” when riders are asked what they desire. But what do our horses want or need in their “dream human”?

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Across Canada, owners, riders, farms, and horses continue to struggle with strangles, equine influenza, and equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy. Not only can these diseases be detrimental to horses’ health, but managing ill horses can stretch finances, shut down commercial operations, and be an emotional roller coaster for those involved.

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Born from a vision of better supplements for your horse. We humans are a peculiar bunch. As creatures of habit (and not always good habits), we frequently engage in behaviours that we think are good for us. For instance, I take a daily multivitamin without really knowing if or how they actually work.

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As of 2021, new coaching credential requirements were introduced from Equestrian Canada (EC) in the form of a Coach Status Program. As equestrian coaches across Canada grapple with the new requirements, it’s worth considering how this all came about, and why.

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2023 marked the worst fire season in Canadian history. Alberta had earlier-than-normal fires, flames threatened Nova Scotian communities, wildfires in eastern Canada produced smoke that stalled North America’s eastern seaboard, 65 percent of the population of the Northwest Territories was forced to evacuate, plus massive British Columbia wildfires burnt homes and displaced people. Smoke was ubiquitous, affecting horse and human health.

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Shorter, colder winter days are the perfect time to take online courses and webinars that are prevalent throughout the horse industry. Online courses allow students to learn without leaving home, at times that fit their schedule, and increase engagement when riding time is limited. Courses are offered via live-streamed interactive webinars or symposiums, pre-recorded videos, or a series of videos and readings. Topics include business management, equestrian science, equine anatomy, equine journalism, exercise physiology, first aid, horse camping, horse welfare, nutrition, stable management activities, and many more. Timeframes vary from an hour to multiple days or weeks and pricing differs, too, with some courses offered for free while others are fee-based. Courses may lead to certification or provide continuing education credits for coaching certifications and there are courses for almost every interest, learning style, budget, and schedule — beneficial for those wanting to advance their horse industry skills and knowledge — plus advantageous for the horse industry overall.

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One day in the 1980s, Lindsey Serafini’s grandfather was watching his Standardbred horses getting shod.
“The farrier was shoeing with hoof pads and my grandfather said, ‘I could make those,’” says Serafini, who is a fifth-generation owner of Castle Plastics.

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Navigating the Mare Owner's Dilemma - So, you’re contemplating breeding your mare. As a seasoned breeder of top-notch warmbloods and the owner of Hyperion Stud, LLC, Vicky Castegren knows all about that decision.

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Otter Co-op’s Feed Division is dedicated to building and protecting our food supply in Canada. In a world of ever-changing demands for Canadian commodities, Otter Co-op Feed products are a reflection of sustaining our perspective and collaborative efforts with local farmers in Western Canada. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide affordable farm fresh food to communities in British Columbia and Alberta using locally produced foods from Canadian farmers.




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