Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to share a new Officials growth initiative aimed at increasing the number of certified Officials available for EC sanctioned competitions.

Access to EC certified Officials is a critical element of a safe, fair, and smooth-running competition. Unfortunately, several competition organizers have reported difficulty sourcing certified Officials to fill the required roles, primarily due to geographic location. 

In response to this shortfall, EC has introduced an initiative designed to invigorate the system by inviting current and new Officials to progress in their development or to contribute in new ways. This will address the immediate issue relating to the availability of Officials, as well as increase the potential applicant pool of up-and-coming Officials.

The initiative will run from August 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022, and will offer two options:

  1. A Temporary Official Status to allow EC Sport Licence Holders with equestrian/industry experience to fulfill certain Officials’ roles; and,
  2. A promotion fast track for Officials with significant equestrian/industry experience.

Further details about the two options can be found here.

“The goal is to always have a healthy supply of Officials for competitions to run smoothy and safely, regardless of competition type, time, or location,” explained Rachel Huebert, Director, Sport Operations. “This initiative compares to the school system, where when the number of qualified teachers is insufficient, roles such as substitute teachers are offered to persons with similar qualifications.” 

For more information, contact Rachel Huebert at rhuebert@equestrian.ca

Photo: Canstock/Virgonira