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Common Conditions, Challenges and Pain Recognition - Keeping a horse comfortable into their senior years requires an attentive caretaker backed by a knowledgeable team. It is important to seek the input from your veterinarian and farrier to help maintain the health of an elderly equine and to spot conditions that will need special treatment sooner rather than later. Recognizing changes and not just dismissing them as “old age setting in” is a large part of the responsibility assumed when caring for the senior horse.

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Regular checkups are an investment in your horse’s health - Everybody knows the importance of regular dental checkups when it comes to human health, so it should come as no surprise that horse health is just as dependent upon regular oral health checks.

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Equine weight loss is simply a result of more calories being used by the body than are being consumed. There are several potential causes of chronic weight loss in horses. These causes include poor quality or limited feed supply, health and disease problems, as well as social interaction and competition among horses. Chronic equine weight loss can also be the result of starvation. Equine starvation can be caused by intentional neglect, ignorance, economic hardship of owner, disease, dentition, pecking order, parasites, or seasonal variation in availability of pasture. Remarkably, horses can survive chronic weight loss.

Common Signs of Dental Problems in Horses

By Horse Council BC - Your horse needs proper dental care just like you do. Left unattended, gums and teeth may become damaged over time, or food may become trapped, resulting in inflammation, infection, and ulceration. A horse’s teeth should be checked annually (preferably bi-annually) for signs of abnormal wear and other dental problems that may cause the horse any pain or discomfort.

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Equine dentist Brian Borg covers the basics of equine dentistry. Looking at the teeth from horses of all ages, he explains how a horse's teeth erupt, how they wear down, and why regular dental check-ups are necessary for your horse's health.


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