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Our Horses Lead Stressful Lives… Our horses’ genetics dictate they live free, roam large areas, graze 20 hours a day, and have established position in the “pecking order” of their herd. In captivity, our horses live in a confinement management system, are fed intermittent meals, and are often separated from other horses. Although there have been many advancements in horse care, it has been a constant struggle to address and manage the stress today’s horses suffer. Feed schedules, show schedules, training and exercise, separation from friends, and everyday life in stalls and confinement all contribute to stress.

The horse’s digestive system was designed to receive frequent small meals and as such, large meals fed less often can lead to health problems such as colic, ulcers, and laminitis. Prolonged periods of time between feedings can also give rise to undesired behavioural habits such as cribbing, biting, weaving, pacing, and food aggression.

Your Innovative Feeding Solution - Problem: The conventional methods of feeding horses are both labour- and time-intensive and can impact their health and well-being.

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Take an inside look into the latest the scientific studies at the University of Saskatchewan's veterinary college, with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine's semi-annual newsletter: Horse Health Lines.

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As of 2021, new coaching credential requirements were introduced from Equestrian Canada (EC) in the form of a Coach Status Program. As equestrian coaches across Canada grapple with the new requirements, it’s worth considering how this all came about, and why.

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A diagnosis of asthma used to mean retirement for performance horses, or in some cases, euthanasia. But with advancements in research, good management, and the development of products that help heavey, coughing horses perform, now many riders can keep their wheezing horses comfortable and extend their lives.

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Lingering effects of COVID-19 - Much of Canada’s horse community is still suffering financially, mentally, and emotionally from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the horse industry is expected to continue recovering during 2023.

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Horses, trucks, and trailers are all big investments, so it makes sense to use the best tools available to help keep horses and drivers safe and comfortable while hauling down the road. In addition, horses are live cargo that moves around when traveling and hauls very differently than “dead weight” cargo.

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In 1893, Capo Industries was founded with a mission to outfit Canadians with specialized leather polishes, along with a range of contemporary household products. Now into its fourth generation of family ownership, Capo has grown exponentially over the years, but the legacy of Canadian-made leather care products remains strong within the historical fabric of the firm.

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Every product, as with every effort of Arenus Animal Health, serves the singular purpose of supporting better, more complete health and wellness through nutritional science. Our products contain the highest formulation technologies, the best ingredients, and proven researched results.
At Arenus we believe in solutions, not just supplements. Our philosophy is that more is not always better. Our line of supplements was developed to be the best solution for the health challenges they target. Arenus believes in the right supplements, not more supplements.

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Separating a foal from its mother can be a stressful time for the mare and especially for her baby. But there are many ways to make the transition easier and reduce the risks for both.