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Trailering Your Horse in Winter

By USRider - With bitter cold, snow and ice sweeping over much of the country, those who travel with horses need to be careful when traveling and invest time doing routine preventive trailer maintenance to enhance their travel safety. It is imperative to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving.

Your Horse Trailer in Winter

By Kevan Garecki - Horse trailers represent a significant investment, which is measured in dollars and, more importantly, in the comfort and safety of the horses that place their trust in us. A few carefully planned steps taken when preparing our rigs for winter can eliminate spring headaches, extend the useful life of the trailer, and increase the safety margin for our horses.

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I’ve towed horses for many years with a two-horse bumper-pull trailer attached to the truck in the traditional way – with a ball mount hitch. Some riders towed larger gooseneck trailers hitched to a mechanism permanently welded into the middle of the truck box. I’ve always thought that type of hitch would be incredibly inconvenient whenever you wanted to use the truck for other purposes.

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Tractors by themselves are limited without attachments. Deciding on what tractor attachment to purchase will be driven by your needs and priorities of use. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you need the tractor to simply move square hay bales and manure with a loader?

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The M7-Series is Kubota’s Mid-Range Tractor Entry into the Commercial Livestock and Row-Crop Production Markets. From the floor of its 2014 Dealer Meeting in Nashville, On October 14, 2014, Kubota Canada Ltd. introduced its M7-Series tractor line, three new mid-range tractors in the 130 to 170 horsepower range.

Buying a "Pre-owned" Horse Trailer

By Kevan Garecki - For most folks in the market to buy a horse trailer, the thought of signing a five figure cheque is terrifying. Buying pre-owned is one alternative, but there are many additional and important factors to consider when buying a used horse trailer that could affect your horse's safety.

What Size of Horse Trailer?

By Kevan Garecki - I meet lots of folks who expound on how well their 17.3 hand Warmblood loads into their Quarter Horse-sized wagon. I just nod politely and ask how comfortable they themselves would be on a long car trip with no leg or headroom.




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