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Dressage, show jumping, and three-day eventing are the only Olympic sports where men and women compete against each other. They’ve been doing so for over 50 years, but it’s an aspect of equestrian sport that receives little public recognition. Most sports are divided by gender — men in one class and women in another — to prevent one sex from having a physical advantage over the other. But the gender of horseback riders and drivers is not considered an advantage or disadvantage. Hence in equestrian events there’s no need to level the playing field by segregating men and women.

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Horse welfare is complex, partly due to the myriad uses, values, and husbandry arrangements for horses. They’re backyard pets, ridden and driven in competition, raced, raised for meat, and used for therapy, recreation, and rodeo. Horses are regularly transported, kept in rural and urban areas, stalls, pens, fields, and pastures, plus managed according to their use. Many horses live on individual properties and their welfare relies on individual owners, making poor welfare difficult to identify.

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Lingering effects of COVID-19 - Much of Canada’s horse community is still suffering financially, mentally, and emotionally from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the horse industry is expected to continue recovering during 2023.

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Being a parent in a demanding horse industry career is challenging and incredibly rewarding at the same time. Many horse industry parents are making it work, but no one really knows what it takes and how they’ll balance the concurrent demands of parenting with the obligations of their career until they’re actually doing it.

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8 Keys to Making Your Dream Horse Business Profitable - One of the biggest challenges for equine entrepreneurs is viewing their business as a business. Many riders and horse lovers get into business as an extension of their love of horses, but a horse trainer, coach, or rider who is paid for their services is a self-employed professional. They’re operating a business just like anyone else selling goods or services.

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“Their existence stirs our imagination. We feel their energy and their pure, unbridled spirit. To spend time with wild horses is to reach deep into your own soul and find your own freedom, whatever that may be.” — Sandy Sharkey

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Across Canada, non-veterinarians offer a potpourri of services, including massage, chiropractic, farrier work, homeopathy, and more. But these non-veterinarian service providers may be practicing veterinary medicine illegally under provincial veterinarian acts. Also, few regulatory organizations oversee non-veterinarian practitioner training, certify expertise, or offer recourse if horses suffer, and provincial veterinary organizations only pursue non-veterinarian service providers when horse owners complain.

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In 1893, Capo Industries was founded with a mission to outfit Canadians with specialized leather polishes, along with a range of contemporary household products. Now into its fourth generation of family ownership, Capo has grown exponentially over the years, but the legacy of Canadian-made leather care products remains strong within the historical fabric of the firm.

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For acquiring customers and building brand engagement, advertising is a time-tested essential. The following strategies will help you write better, more effective copy for print and online advertising, and increase the response to your advertising message. Several inspired and award-winning ad examples are included to start your creative juices flowing.