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If you’ve ever walked your horse, even with a saddle on, down a trail and past people, you know how it feels. You’re enjoying your horse time and minding your own business, when someone asks Why aren’t you riding that horse? Or someone jokes about taking your “very large dog” for a walk. I had one barn neighbour show her friend on video chat “the girl that doesn’t ride her horse” (me) as we were walking by. It would be awkward if it wasn’t so common. Horses and riding are synonymous in the human psyche, and any departure from this norm is considered very odd indeed, despite the fact that some horses don’t benefit from riding and some humans really don’t enjoy riding.

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Born from a vision of better supplements for your horse. We humans are a peculiar bunch. As creatures of habit (and not always good habits), we frequently engage in behaviours that we think are good for us. For instance, I take a daily multivitamin without really knowing if or how they actually work.

French operates Manestream Vaulters and Manestream Equestrian near Victoria, British Columbia (BC).

My passion is not just enabling but pushing individuals — with or without disabilities — just that little bit past what they think they can do, and see their face light up when they do it. — Stella French

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Across Canada, owners, riders, farms, and horses continue to struggle with strangles, equine influenza, and equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy. Not only can these diseases be detrimental to horses’ health, but managing ill horses can stretch finances, shut down commercial operations, and be an emotional roller coaster for those involved.

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An online poll conducted by Horse Community Journals Inc. about the prevalence of horse riding accidents sheds light on the startling frequency of injuries among equestrians.



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