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4 Key Principles - As the shorter, colder winter months settle in, brief but purposeful groundwork sessions become critical for a horse’s physiology. Granted, fitness-based groundwork will not keep a horse at peak performance level, but it will prevent total erosion of neuromuscular and metabolic fitness during times of abbreviated schedules.

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Across Canada, owners, riders, farms, and horses continue to struggle with strangles, equine influenza, and equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy. Not only can these diseases be detrimental to horses’ health, but managing ill horses can stretch finances, shut down commercial operations, and be an emotional roller coaster for those involved.

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Born from a vision of better supplements for your horse. We humans are a peculiar bunch. As creatures of habit (and not always good habits), we frequently engage in behaviours that we think are good for us. For instance, I take a daily multivitamin without really knowing if or how they actually work.

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The Equestrian Canada (EC) Coach Status program is part of a collective commitment to safety for human and equine athletes and excellence in instruction and coaching. Standards for earning and maintaining coaching designations help protect athletes, coaches, and our industry.

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In the summer of 2023, we asked you "Do you agree with Equestrian Canada's program to license/certify every coach by 2025?"


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