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It’s a beautiful day to head out to the mountains for some playtime. You grab your horse and tack and head out in the afternoon for a quick ride to your favourite spot. It’s 28 degrees Celcius and you don’t see a cloud in the sky. You grab a light windbreaker for “just in case,” get on your horse, and soon you’re enjoying the peaceful sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

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Equestrians in every province of Canada are supported and represented by horse-specific provincial organizations. A perk of membership in those organizations is access to highly specialized third-party liability insurance. Other perks include education, funding, community, and representation. Here’s a summary:

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Rider Down! It’s a trail rider’s worst nightmare: getting hurt and requiring evacuation from a remote area. Whether out on the trails for a few hours or on an overnight trip, the reality that every recreational rider must face is that emergencies can occur. Preparation is key and the success of emergency evacuations has a lot to do with planning for their possibility. It can also determine whether a rider survives.

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With ever-changing environments, climbing temperatures, and shortages from drought or forest fires, even the best quality forage for your horses may not be providing all their nutritional needs. You may not be able to control the minerals available in your forage or the weather it depends on, but you can control the quality and quantity of nutrients your equine companions get every day.

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Spending all day with your horse, visiting with friends, and riding a variety of trails pretty much describes horse camping, so it’s no surprise that many riders consider horse camping to be the ultimate adventure. Although performance riders often haul to a different facility for a clinic or competition, put their horse in a stall, and camp out in their rig, trail rider-style horse camping is a bit different.



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