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Breakaway roping is the fastest rodeo sport on the planet right now. Winning times are less than two seconds. Yes, you read that right — less than two seconds can garner professional breakaway ropers thousands of dollars in winnings.

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With ever-changing environments, climbing temperatures, and shortages from drought or forest fires, even the best quality forage for your horses may not be providing all their nutritional needs. You may not be able to control the minerals available in your forage or the weather it depends on, but you can control the quality and quantity of nutrients your equine companions get every day.

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Most riders don’t want a horse that bucks. But for bareback and saddle bronc riders competing at rodeos across North America, that’s exactly what they want — horses that buck and buck well for eight seconds.

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Improves Mare Fertility - Canadian veterinarians now have another option for treating endometritis in their clients’ mares. Canada is the latest country in which Settle® immunotherapy has received regulatory approval for sale. The product is also approved and available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and UAE.

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Today it is critically important to understand the basics of parasite resistance and develop a deworming program that will work for your farm. That program will need to be reevaluated and modified as environmental conditions change from year to year, and farm management and the number of horses fluctuates.




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