Big Bale Buddy and Slow Bale Buddy

Big Bale Buddy and Slow Bale Buddy
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The Big Bale Buddy keeps your hay clean and contained until your horses eat it. It catches all the high nutrition chaff and makes it available for your horses to eat. Developed to withstand the harsh northern Canadian weather. Does not freeze to the ground and stays flexible in extreme cold. Tough, durable, rot and stain resistant,1500 denier, woven polypropylene with 2 years (1200 hours) of UV protection. Special weave designed to allow water that gets inside the feeder to seep out while moisture hitting the outside of the Big Bale Buddy will be repelled, keeping your hay drier. Removes the risk of leg and neck injuries that can be caused by metal and rigid feeders.

The Slow Bale Buddy is the perfect solution for feeding horses round and square bales of all sizes. Made of soft, strong knotless nylon netting with 1 1/2 inch openings, and fastened with a special safety fastener, it completely encloses the bale so that the horses must pull the hay through the holes in the netting.
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Posted: Feb 22, 2013