The 2019 CanTRA Awards - Congratulations to our award winners!

By Bren Pickel, CanTRA

CanTRA Outstanding Therapy Horse Award

Sponsor: CanTRA

RUDYMount View Special Riding Association (MVSRA), Olds, AB

Rudy is a handsome black (now greying) 15.3 hand gentleman with soft eyes, white flecks on his forehead, and the typical tan muzzle of a mule. Yes, Rudy is a mule – a special equid who is patient and reliable with every rider and driver he is entrusted with. Rudy, truly, is the right solution to a variety of needs. Thank you, gentle soul, for your extraordinary service in therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities.

L-R: Diane Luxen, Linda Leggette, Rudy, Brenda Spanier, and Shelene Williams. Photo courtesy of MVSRA

Jetty Chapman Award: Outstanding Administrator

Sponsors: Christine and Oren Birch

RUTH CARTERFredericton Therapeutic Riding Association (FTRA), Fredericton, NB

FTRA has seen a great many changes over the past 35 years, but the one constant has been Ruth Carter, having served in virtually every capacity of the organization. Sharing her knowledge and experience, Ruth has provided valuable guidance to other therapeutic riding associations in Atlantic Canada. “Everything she does is for the joy she sees on the faces of the many riders benefiting from these programs,” says FTRA’s current President.

Jennifer Sutherland Green, President of FTRA (left), presents Ruth with her award. Photo courtesy of FTRA

Andrea Gillies Award: Outstanding Instructor

Sponsor: Gay Wood

PAULA BERNARDTherapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa (TROtt), Greely, ON

This award is a celebration of Paula’s devotion to therapeutic riding for over 20 years. As a CanTRA Coach and Examiner, her exemplary skills and focus are unwavering and always for the benefit of the TROtt riders. It’s straightforward, Paula gives – she gives of her time, her knowledge, her humour, her patience, her dedication, and her love for therapeutic riding.

Paula Bernard with Trin. Photo courtesy of TROtt

Rhonda Davies Award: Outstanding Volunteer

Sponsors: John and Donna Davies

SUSAN TILLEYThe Equestrian Association for the Disabled (TEAD), Mount Hope, ON

What every therapeutic riding centre needs is a volunteer who loves helping riders and isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. Sue is known for her compassion and patience for every rider and horse she works with, no matter what the situation is. Sue is thoroughly invested in the TEAD program, which is inspired volunteerism at its best.

L-R: Hilary Webb, Sue Tilley, Sue Schramayr. Photo courtesy of TEAD

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