The Jo Grant mysteries Book 2 - For those who love mystery novels and horses, here’s a book that is absolutely compelling. Set in the beautiful horse country of Kentucky, Behind the Bonehouse by Sally Wright is the second in a series of Jo Grant mysteries that began with Breeding Ground.

A long-time resident at Triple R Ranch, Caddie is a stocky, powerful horse who has seen many other horses in his herd come and pass on. Many of them have come from places where they were neglected, abused, or needed to be rescued. And some came because they needed to be retrained for a new career.

Achieve Straightness, Suppleness & Stamina in the Saddle - “The rider influences the horse in ways beyond most people’s immediate perception, and the way a rider uses her body greatly impacts the way the horse is enabled or blocked from using his,” writes Sansom. “The new integrated structure involves both species in a way that goes well beyond the simple application of aids by the rider and performance of actions by the horse.”

Any author whose book is “Dedicated to anyone who shares the abject dread of dressing room mirrors, lesson videos, and light-colored riding breeches” has got my vote. In her book Riding Through Thick & Thin, published in 2015 by Trafalgar Square Books, Melinda Folse provides a richly researched exploration of the complicated topic of body image, and in particular as it relates to riding image.

Earlier this year, two pairs of Muck Boots arrived at the Canadian Horse Journal office in Sidney, BC, for testing. Elisa, our designer, and I each took a pair and put them to the test.

As a fan and longtime user of Rocky Mountain Riders Rescue Rub, I was thrilled when they released Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub. Just like the product for people, the equine version is 100 percent natural, hand crafted with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I have been using Riders Rescue Rub for some time now with great success for relief from general muscle tension, and it’s essential after a fall or injury.

Everyone loves the underdog, the long shot, the horse that despite all odds goes on to become a legend. This is the story of Exterminator, and it all began one spring day in a Kentucky bluegrass meadow.



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