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Circle F Horse Rescue is a not-for-profit charitable organization based in Abbotsford, BC. The “F” in Circle F stands for “Freedom for all horses.” The founder of this registered charitable organization believed that all horses should be given the gift of freedom from neglect, freedom from abuse, and the freedom to have a good home.

Since 1997, Circle F Horse Rescue has been caring for unwanted, abused, or neglected horses young and old, providing an alternative to auction or slaughter, and finding new homes for horses in BC. 

“We take horses we can be effective for. We rehabilitate them, retrain them, work through their emotional baggage and then they go to new owners,” says operations manager, Kevan Garecki.

Volunteers provide care for the horses, and donations and fundraising events generate the revenue to pay for rent, food, veterinary care, fencing, and shelter. But funds to provide these necessary services are low and the need is growing. The facility is currently operating at capacity, with a waiting list of horses needing rescue. These horses deserve a second chance.

Please help Circle F Horse Rescue continue this much-needed service. Donations and in-kind gifts such as hay, tack and services are welcome and appreciated, and a GoFundMe campaign has recently been launched to raise $20,000 toward veterinary and farrier costs, as well as materials for paddock improvements, shelter expansion, and fencing repairs. 

Please visit the links below for more information and to lend your support:

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