Horse Council British Columbia News for Winter 2022

It's Back! Receive a 5 PERCENT DISCOUNT on the HCBC membership(s) when registering for auto-renew. The discount applies to HCBC membership(s) only.

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The discount will apply to your 2023 and 2024 HCBC membership as long as auto-renew is still in effect.

You can cancel or opt out of the auto-renew at any time; however, the discount will not be available once you opt out.

Automatic renewal will happen December 1, 2022 but you will be notified November 15 and given the opportunity to change preferences or opt out of auto-renew.

Automatic renewal can be selected for Adult, Youth, and Family memberships. 

Children who turn 19 will not auto-renew. In a family membership with two adults and a child who ages out (or leaves the house), the auto-renew will revert to two seniors.

Automatic renewal covers HCBC membership, other organizations’ memberships (i.e., BCEA, EVABC, DBC), magazines, and optional insurance. The automatic renewal will NOT renew retail purchases.

The extended memberships opened on September 6 this year. We will continue to offer the 2022 memberships, the extended memberships 2022-2023, and the 2023 memberships. 

HCBC has had to increase the cost of 2023 memberships, which began on September 6 and takes effect as each membership comes up for renewal. With this modest adjustment, our first since 2019, the prices (including GST) are as follows: 

Youth Associate Membership: $49.00

Adult Membership: $67.00

Family Membership: $158.00

Affiliate Membership will remain at $215.00

Premium Business: $199.00 as of January 1, 2023

Regular Business: $99.00 as of January 1, 2023

Clubs will remain at $85.00

By restricting the amount of the increase, we seek to keep the HCBC memberships affordable.

Extended Memberships Available Now*

Forgot to renew? Or a new HCBC Member? 

Join or renew for 2022/2023 coverage! Get all of 2023 plus the rest of 2022 at a discounted rate. 

  • 2022/2023 Youth Associate: $64.75 (with tax)
  • 2022/2023 Adult Member: $82.75 (with tax)
  • 2022/2023 Family: $205.25 (with tax)

*Extended membership upgrade is not available for any 2022 memberships previously purchased.


To Support the BC Horse Industry! 

HCBC works to connect and strengthen the BC horse community.

We are more than just insurance…

By joining HCBC you show your support for:

The Right to Ride - The right to ride horses on public land, i.e., in parks, and on designated trails in BC. HCBC communicates with provincial/local government to support its members in their advocacy roles.

Horse Welfare in BC - HCBC liaises and collaborates with governing bodies and promotes the importance of the welfare of equines in BC.

The BC Horse Industry - HCBC strives to provide up-to-date information to horse owners and riders across the province on horse health and care, welfare, land and pasture management, and environmental issues.

A Nationally Accredited Coaching Program - HCBC administers the Equestrian Canada coaching and instructor programs for English, Western, and Driving disciplines.

Financial Support for the Industry - Funding programs that help to encourage and support participation in equestrian sport and recreation activities.

The Preservation of BC Trail Systems - HCBC provides funding, safety manuals, workshops, and guidance to our members interested in building and maintaining the trail systems in BC.

Quality Science Based Education - HCBC hosts and supports multiple educational events throughout the year along with providing free online courses to members, all based on sound scientific research and data.


Horse Council BC Member Clubs are equestrian or equine associations that are non-profit organizations operating in BC to promote a similar interest or breed. Member Clubs may not vote or hold office.


  • To apply for Club status an organization must be a BC equestrian or equine association or a branch of a national equestrian or equine association, be a non-profit or charity, and hold legal constitution filed with BC Registry of Companies or Corporations Canada; and
  • Must have members; and
  • Ensure all riding or driving members of the Club are also individual members of Horse Council BC; and
  • Hold Club Insurance for the calendar year of the Club Membership; and
  • Adhere to policies and procedures of Horse Council BC.

Application must include:

  • A completed annual Member Club application form; and
  • A current digital copy of Club Certificate of Insurance for the calendar year; and
  • the Club’s current Society number; and
  • Digital copy of Club’s current constitution and by-laws; and
  • Payment of the Club membership fee as set by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Application approval:

  • Clubs will be notified of approved applications by email.

Cost & Conditions

Club Membership cost is $85.00/year (including tax) and is non-refundable. The Membership will expire December 31 of each year and does NOT include insurance.


  • The ability to collect HCBC membership applications and fees at your event, which are effective the date they are collected by the club;
  • Application for HCBC funding through a variety of programs;
  • Participation in the Group Commercial Insurance Program through CapriCMW Insurance;
  • The right to advertise and promote club activities such as fundraisers, educational events, clinics, and sanctioned competitions on the HCBC website;
  • Application to receive HCBC Promo Packs, free publications and materials;
  • Promotion of your organization in the Club directory listing;
  • Access to HCBC Membership Verification Program,

Clubs are encouraged to use HCBC programs including the Annual Awards, P’tit Trot, Learn to Ride/Drive/Vault, Equestrian Canada Certified Coaches and Instructors, Provincially Certified Officials, HCBC Provincial Rule Book, and competition sanctioning for local competitions.

Horse Council BC

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