A beloved member of the Toronto Police Force, the 18-year-old black Percheron gelding, Viscount, passed away on Christmas Day. Police Chief Mark Saunders announced the passing of the “beloved” police horse via Twitter, calling his death a “devastating loss.” 

Viscount had served with the Toronto Police Force since 2001. Members are remembering his years of loyal service and mourning his loss.

“He was loyal, faithful, trusting, hardworking. He was always there when I needed him,” says PC Dave Moore of his equine partner. “I was with him right to the end.” 

PC Moore was matched with his 17 hand, 1750 lb partner, two years ago. He had hoped to purchase Viscount on the horse’s coming retirement and put him out to pasture to enjoy his senior years.

According to Moore, the horse was discovered in his stall on Christmas morning suffering from a detached colon, a serious condition causing severe distress. After consultation with the veterinarian, the decision was made to euthanize him. 

Viscount’s ashes will be buried in a field near Uxbridge, Ontario, with other equine members of the mounted unit.

Rest in peace, Viscount. 

Photo: Viscount courtesy of Toronto Police Twitter




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