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Canada’s horse industry needs more independent journalism. In today’s rapidly changing world, the accurate and balanced reporting of news and current affairs affecting our unique industry is more important than ever.

Over the years, Horse Journals has published a wide range of articles and material exploring top-of-mind industry issues, including equine welfare, irresponsible breeding, slaughter, hay shortages, industry governance, and many others.

We believe that well-researched, factual information that explores and explains the issues affecting our evolving horse industry is an investment in the industry’s future. We believe in making this information available to the widest possible audience, which is why our website remains paywall-free, and why we devote additional copies of our magazine’s distribution to reaching new readers every issue.

As an independent, Canadian-owned media company serving a niche industry, we do not have the large editorial budget of a major media corporation, but we create award-winning articles and are known to punch well above our weight. Horse people deserve access to quality, relevant information that affects their lives and horses and businesses, and we know you understand that independent journalism and professional, knowledgeable writers cost money.  That’s why we are asking for your support to help us continue to provide this essential service. With your help, our equine journalists will continue to dig deep into horse industry issues – we won’t let you down.

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