By Linda Hazelwood

Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters

It’s award season, the time when we recognise people for their achievements, sportsmanship, and the support of our community. It may not be the Junos, but we have every reason to celebrate the contributions and active involvement of so many in our sport — and way of life — that we love.

In addition to our annual Manitoba Horse Council Industry Leader Award, it is appropriate that we also recognise and express our thanks to our sponsors. Many have consistently supported us in the past, but this year in spite of the uncertainties we have faced, new businesses and individuals have stepped forward to offer financial and material support to the Manitoba Horse Council (MHC), our Equestrian Facility, and our many activities and programs. Every year at the end of June we will recognise our sponsors and make sure all our members understand the true value of their contributions and involvement.

Thank You to the Major Supporters of our 2021 Program 

  • Central Veterinary Services
  • Elders Equine
  • Greenhawk Winnipeg
  • Old Dutch Foods
  • Taras Gravel Supplies
  • Lily Ridge Ranch
  • Masterfeeds
  • Equine Guelph
  • Celtic Moon Healing
  • BP Sport Horses
  • Levade Equestrian Activity Tracker

We are still at the discussion stage with other businesses, so we encourage you to visit to see a current list. We thank every sponsor who has contributed to MHC and played a part in supporting our equestrian community.

As part of MHC’s sponsorship opportunity for 2021, some businesses also chose to take space in the upcoming Guide for New Riders, due to be published mid-summer. The Guide is a comprehensive aid to parents and wannabe riders, to explain the different types of riding to be enjoyed, how to dress for riding, how to act around a horse, and so on, and what could be expected at the early stages of learning to ride. If you would like a copy, please email our office to be put on a list to be advised when the Guide comes out, and where it can be obtained. The Guide will be distributed across Manitoba in a print version, and will also be available as a digital file on our website.

Speaking of websites — specifically MHC’s website — there are exciting happenings going on in the background. Our current site has served its purpose extremely well for almost seven years, but times change and so our website is changing! Over the years, we’ve found it difficult to place some of the content that is a priority for riders and parents of riders, such as Safe Sport information, Coach Licensing changes from Equestrian Canada, and the types of news coming from our member clubs. Those not on Facebook can miss out on many activities and happenings. Our website changes will include a fresh new easy-to-update News page, with better information for Coaches and Officials, and ways to deal with vital news such as COVID and animal disease outbreaks. The plan is to launch mid-summer, so by the time you read this you may be able to check out our new look at

  Manitoba Horse Council

Photo: Shutterstock/Rita Kochmarjova