The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair held in Brandon, Manitoba from March 28 to April 2, 2022 was a welcome event for all the horse community. Cancelled in 2020 and 2021, a flood of entries came in for 2022 with riders out in full force in both hunter and jumper rings. The competition officially started in the Hunter Ring on Saturday, March 25. Although riders were mainly from Manitoba, entries also came from across Canada and the midwest United States. Many old friendships were renewed.

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Jumper ring stewards and course designers. Photo: Stewards Hub – Social Media

Manitoba Horse Council’s (MHC) Board of Directors were very evident at the fair, ranging from Treasurer Hugh Crawley managing the jumping course in the main arena with the course designer and builder from out-of-province; to Equestrian Facility Chair Eryn Butterfield co-directing in the main arena in the Hackney and Heavy Classes, and assisting jumper class ribbon presenters, as well as being liaison with the announcer. Ex-officials Chair Susan Adey and Ex-officials Chair Darryl Freed were stewarding, and current Officials Chair Sarah Read shadowed and was evaluated as Senior Equestrian Canada Steward. MHC members Christine Budzak shadowed and was evaluated as Equestrian Canada R2 Steward, and Maura Leahy was working toward certification as Equestrian Canada R1 Steward. 

President John Biron and Past President Geri Sweet both took stints at the MHC booth on the main concourse (when Geri was not assisting in the hunter ring). Executive Director Diane David and Business Manager Linda Hazelwood managed the booth the rest of the time with assistance from past Executive Director John Savard and the Jensen family.

Manitoba Horse Council

Main: (L-R) President John Biron and Past President Geri Sweet at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair booth with MHC apparel. Photo: Linda Hazelwood