Mare & Foal

The Pregnant Mare: Nutrition for the Final Three Months

During the first eight months of pregnancy, a mare may be fed like any other horse, with a balanced, high quality diet. But things are changing rapidly during the final three months of pregnancy: The mare now requires more calories, more protein, more omega 3s, and balanced vitamins and minerals, not only for the unborn foal but also to prepare for milk production.

Body Scoring for Broodmares

By Kentucky Equine Research - Since the mid-1980s, nutritionists, farm managers, veterinarians, and animal welfare workers have employed a universal method of measuring weight and fat distribution developed by Dr. Henneke. This process, called body condition scoring, has become a valuable management tool on breeding farms worldwide.

Breeding Management Practices for Mares

Contributed by Washington State University - Breeding season for horses usually occurs in the spring. This makes winter a good time for breeders to plan for the upcoming season. Though people have many reasons for breeding a horse, whether for commercial purposes or as a hobby, there are some important factors that all breeders should consider before getting started.