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By Cpl E.A. Turco, RCMP Livestock Investigator - Your worst nightmare has come true. Your horse is missing. Calm down and breathe. First, has he gotten out of his enclosure and maybe just strayed?

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According to a BBC report, since the year 2000 some 230 horses, mules and oxen have died from exhaustion during the weeklong festivities and many more have suffered serious injuries. In 2008, fatalities peaked at 25 animals drawing the ire of animal welfare charities when people stepped up to the plate to raise awareness. In 2014 a dead horse was abandoned on the side of the pilgrims’ route.

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Would a market for horsemeat reduce a welfare crisis? Should restaurants offer lukba on the menu? What about basashi? Or sauerbraten? And what about the celebrated French dish countrefilet? Other dishes they could offer might be kazy, umido, charqui, or sate jaran.

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A Legal Industry Surrounded by Controversy - Horse slaughter frequently, and understandably, triggers emotional responses and it has been the focus of many claims and petitions against the practice by various animal activist groups. The purpose of this feature has been to provide a broader understanding of the horsemeat industry from both a global and a Canadian perspective.

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Many ex-racehorses are finding second careers once their racing days are over, thanks to the ever increasing awareness of what these multi-talented athletes can do off the track. As a result of this growing movement to retrain the racehorse, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Quarter Horses have successfully been transitioning from the track to a new lifestyle as sport horses, show horses or all-around pleasure mounts.

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How to Relieve Your New Horse’s Stress and Build Trust and Confidence. Q - I recently adopted a horse from the racetrack. She is kind, but nervous and gets really anxious when taken out of her paddock.

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Malnourished and poorly cared for horses can be found even in countries of relative wealth such as Canada and the United States. In fact, the problem of neglected horses in these countries has worsened in recent years and reflects the growing number of horses that are no longer wanted or needed, or whose owners are no longer capable of providing care for them, physically or financially.



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