Rescue & Welfare

The Brooke Hospital for Animals

By Margaret Evans - Seventy-five years ago, the passion of one lady started a movement to help the horses in Cairo. Today, the Brooke’s five-year goal is to reach two million equines in the world’s poorest countries. They are getting there, one animal and one grateful owner at a time.

By Margaret Evans - West Nile virus (WNV) has finally arrived in British Columbia. Since arriving in the New York area ten years ago, the virus spread rapidly across the continent yet failed to reach BC until this summer when one horse (possibly two) became infected in Osoyoos. Just a few weeks later another horse was diagnosed with WNV in Aldergrove.

By Margaret Evans - Over the decades, we’ve owned several horses and ponies that have lived into their thirties. As the years went by, they aged and retired to pasture. But were they old?

By Margaret Evans - Under President Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime of corruption, greed, and torture, Zimbabwe is a shattered, dysfunctional land. So why, in the middle of all this devastation, would anyone care about a donkey?

By Margaret Evans - It was devastating when we lost Zona. At 32, our palomino Anglo-Arab, who had been a champion show horse on the prairies in her youth, was still pretty much the boss of the herd. Everyone deferred to her. Yet we knew there was something wrong.

By Melanie Huggett - In December, 2008, the Town of McBride, BC came together to dig a kilometre long trench through thick snow to rescue two starving horses trapped on the side of a mountain. Now the two horses, Belle and Sundance, are back at full health and doing well.