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By Margaret Evans - What makes a Thoroughbred a successful racehorse? While it is true that nutrition and training are critical factors, according to recent research, determining a horse’s best racing distance and athletic abilities might all be in the genes.

“The future of the Marwari horse is looking more promising than say in the 1970s when it was apparent they were ignored,” said Moorey, adding that research on the origins of the bloodline to determine the extent of the Arab influence and possible links to the Akhal-Teke breed from Turkmeni horses has been undertaken in recent years by the UK’s University of Cambridge.

Earlier this year, the Governor of New Mexico announced that he would use stimulus funds to purchase 12,142 acres of land known as the Ortiz Mountain Ranch adjacent to Cerrillos Hills State Park and create a state-owned wild horse sanctuary. While there are a number of environmental, economic, and public input hoops to jump through before horses are acquired, likely from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), now should be a perfect time to look at how these horses are going to be managed in the long-term to keep their numbers in check with the available range.

They move with the quiet, dogged obedience of an animal steeped in service, resigned to drudgery. But they hurt. Harness made of bits of wire, car tires, some string, and any other useful bit of garbage that meets a need rubs and chafes the skin leaving open wounds that turn septic and fill with maggots and the stench of infection.

It was devastating when we lost Zona. At 32, our palomino Anglo-Arab, who had been a champion show horse on the prairies in her youth, was still pretty much the boss of the herd. Everyone deferred to her. Yet we knew there was something wrong.

Seventy-five years ago, the passion of one lady started a movement to help the horses in Cairo. Today, the Brooke’s five-year goal is to reach two million equines in the world’s poorest countries. They are getting there, one animal and one grateful owner at a time.

By Melanie Huggett - In December, 2008, the Town of McBride, BC came together to dig a kilometre long trench through thick snow to rescue two starving horses trapped on the side of a mountain. Now the two horses, Belle and Sundance, are back at full health and doing well.




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