The 55+ BC Games Comes to Kimberley/Cranbrook

By Jocelyn Adams

The 55+ BC Games is an annual multi-sport event produced by the BC Seniors Games Society (BCSGS) for the availability of the 55+ population of British Columbia to participate in the 23 individual sports. The average participation is 3,500, leaving behind a $3.5 million economic impact in the communities during the five-day event. Each participant must be a member of the BC Seniors Games Society.

Participate in the 2018 55+ BC Games – Kimberley/Cranbrook

Equestrian Competition: Tuesday, September 11 to Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Venue: RDEK Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds, Kimberley/Cranbrook, 5325 Staples Road, Wycliffe, BC, V1C 7C3

55+ BC Games Website

55+ BC Games 2018 Kimberley/Cranbrook Website

For more information contact:

Valerie at email, or phone 604-992-4281.

Horse Council BC office, phone 604-856-4304 ext. 1005, or toll free 1-800-345-8055.

Equestrian Events will be governed by the 2018 HCBC Rule Book.

Equestrian Sport Divisions 2018: Exhibitors may register for more than one sport discipline at the 55+ BC Games; however, all divisions may be running concurrently in multiple arenas, therefore cross-entry will be limited to a maximum of two disciplines. 

  • Competitors do not need to qualify to enter the 55+ BC Games.
  • Dressage: Training Level, First Level, and Second Level 
  • Western Dressage: Walk/Jog Level, Training Level and First Level 
  • Mountain Trail Horse: Novice/Open
  • Western Performance: Ranch Riding Horse & Ranch Trail Horse

55+ BC Games Zones and Representatives 

Participant and Volunteer Registration

All photos by Marilyn Connolly.



Manitoba Horse Council

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