By Laurie Haughton, Chair, CQHA Media, Marketing & Communications Committee

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA) was reestablished in 2001 to address the specific needs and concerns of Canadian Quarter Horse owners in Canada. In the two decades since that time, a lot has happened! If we look to just the past five years, many major events have begun to shape our horse industry and the world in ways previously unimagined.

The emergence of new equine sports, such as Versatility Ranch, has provided a new avenue to appreciate the value of traditional ranch horse work so that the skills required can be showcased, shared, and learned. The adoption of new technology, such as microchips, which became mandatory for all competing American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) racehorses as of January 1, 2024, is providing us with new data and improving our traceability efforts through bettering our ability to identify horses and increase biosecurity. Most daunting perhaps in recent years was the huge socioeconomic disturbance that the pandemic created. By shutting down the majority of equine activity in Canada, it not only limited our ability to share our horse interests in the typical communal fashion, but also stunted our ability to showcase our horses in their respective disciplines for a prolonged period of time. All these activities have and will continue to impact and change the way Quarter Horses are enjoyed and perceived in this country.

The directors and committee members of the CQHA are dedicated to developing programs that support the growth and sustainability of the Quarter Horse breed in Canada. As a community of Canadians who enjoy the versatility of the breed and its disposition, we hope to develop opportunities to encourage new people to discover their love for Quarter Horses; create programs that support our breeders and owners; and partner with organizations that host both competitive and non-competitive events, where Quarter Horse owners and enthusiasts can share their passion for the horse, pursue equestrian-based education, and engage in activities that will contribute to the overall betterment of their horsemanship skills. All of this will culminate in culture that supports the welfare of the horses we love and admire.

Imagining the future of the Quarter Horse in Canada cannot happen within a vacuum! Members of the Canadian Quarter Horse community are invited to participate in a nation-wide survey which will allow CQHA and its advisors help map out the future of the association.

CQHA members are urged to complete the survey by scanning or clicking on the QR code below:

CQHA survey

CQHA and AQHA have partnered to offer survey participants the chance to win some great prizes just for sharing your thoughts and ideas and dedicating a little bit of your time to help us imagine the future of the Quarter Horse in Canada.

Canadian Quarter Horse Association

Photo: Bar XP/Kirk Prescott