Western Pleasure

Developing the Concept of Collection in Your Horse's Brain and Body

With Loris Epis - Collection is not about putting the horse's head down or slowing the speed or tempo of the gait. Instead, think about collection as a well-balanced feel of softness and control through the horse's entire body.

Desensitizing the "Quirky" Horse

By Lindsay Grice - I’ve had several horses in my program that, despite their talent, were extremely frustrating in their early competitive years. After investing many years of consistent training they eventually desensitized to the situations that would formerly set them off. Now, as mature horses, they are successful, versatile competitors.

Teaching Your Horse to Neck Rein

By Lindsay Grice - Moving from direct reining in a snaffle bit to neck reining in a curb is like teaching your horse a new language and it takes time. Like every child graduates from elementary to high school, neck reining is the next step in a Western horse’s education. By the time your horse is six, he must be ridden with one hand and a curb bit at the breed shows.

Basics of Western Pleasure

By Lynn Baber - Western pleasure classes are included in most breed and open circuit horse shows. Horse owners looking for ways to have more fun with their horses often pick the pleasure class as the first attempt in their new show career.

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By Lindsay Grice - Boundaries. When dealing with kids or horses we do them a favour by establishing limits and expectations. When boundaries shift or are not well communicated, dullness, distraction, and resentment can arise.

When Things Go Wrong in the Show Ring...

By Lindsay Grice - Highlighting the common mistakes judges see riders making in the show ring, and how to prevent them is important. We should consider why things go wrong in the first place. From minor errors such as a chip before a hunter fence or a slight over-spin in reining, to major blunders like a refusal or a spook (after which everything disintegrates), the source of the problem can often be found through the science of equine behaviour.

By Lindsay Grice - The Western pleasure class, while historically the most popular class in the stock horse breeds, comes with its share of criticism. Knowing that I judge and compete within the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) circuit, the subject of Western pleasure often comes up with the dressage, hunter, and jumper riders in my clinics.



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