Never wear a backpack while horseback riding – especially in 35 degree heat when you’re going for a seven hour ride through the sand-blowing desert. I learned this the hard way on the first ride of my 10-day horse safari across the Rajasthan Desert in northern India (our destination: the world’s largest camel fair) and nursed rubbed-raw-by-sand-and-sweat shoulders for the rest of the journey. But in the end, my soreness became just another element of the experience of being pushed out of my comfort zone.

The following November I would get a break from the damp and cold by giving a clinic on Hawaii’s second largest island. I was curious to see what it’s like to keep horses in a place that for most of us conjures up images of palm lined beaches and mai tais, not dressage shows.

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I remember reading the book Heidi as a little girl and wishing I could live my life in vast meadows beneath the rocky cliffs of the Swiss Alps. I imagined my house would be one of those little chalets, and that I’d have a pony to ride to school through the waist-high grass.

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On the first pack trip of the summer, three of us rode for nine days through some great mountain country in Willmore, dodging rain and snow storms. Swollen rivers on the way out caused some concern, and one horse and rider combination went for an unintentional swim! The trip definitely provided some useful lessons.

If you are looking for a relaxing but stimulating equestrian experience then Annaharvey Farm, located in the heart of Ireland, just outside the town of Tullamore, might be just what you’re looking for. With excellent horses, kind and knowledgeable instructors, and great facilities, there is ample opportunity for riders of all levels to improve their riding skills while enjoying a wonderful holiday.

We had the beach to ourselves and rode flat out, stopping at the appointed spot though the beach stretched on for miles.

Contributed - The ranch is hidden within a valley of its own in the historic Porcupine Hills just west of Claresholm, Alberta. A reservation will ensure a truly private and quality Western experience you will never forget.



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