Natural Horsemanship

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There is nothing more fun and productive for me and my horses than when we have a real purpose. Whether it is gathering the cows, jumping a log, or climbing a mountain, it is an opportunity for us to do something together.

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I’m always looking for fun, different things to do with my horses. Each summer after my spring clinic tour is over, my family, my horses, and I head to our ranch, just west of Merritt, BC. With 600 acres on the home ranch and 10,000 acres of leased land ranging from steep, thick bush country and beautiful views to flat, open pasture with cattle roaming the range, James Creek Ranch is Mother Nature’s playground, and provides endless opportunities for having fun with horses.

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Liberty means to play with a horse with no ropes. I clearly remember the first time I saw a horse run up to someone and follow them at liberty. It blew my mind!

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In this next series of articles, I will share with you a very special horse of mine named Camaroon LXXXIV, or “Cam”, an eight-year-old Andalusian stallion. I’ve had Cam for two years and we’re really starting to connect. It’s been quite a journey to get here, however, and I want to share some of the gems I have learned along the way.

Jonathan Field explains why purpose is important and shares tips on how to ride with purpose in the arena from his Riding DVD #5 "Test Your Teaching: Challenge, Purpose and Fun."

Helping a Herd Bound Horse

Jonathan Field takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to a simple, natural formula. Then, working with a pushy and reactive herd bound horse, he demonstrates how horses need leadership to relax and learn.

Watch horseman, Jonathan Field, with his top performance horses in this action-packed demo video showcasing what Jonathan has achieved with horses.



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