Natural Horsemanship

Jonathan Field explains why purpose is important and shares tips on how to ride with purpose in the arena from his Riding DVD #5 "Test Your Teaching: Challenge, Purpose and Fun."

Helping a Herd Bound Horse

Jonathan Field takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to a simple, natural formula. Then, working with a pushy and reactive herd bound horse, he demonstrates how horses need leadership to relax and learn.

In this clip from The Liberty Series, DVD #8: Liberty & Beyond, Jonathan Field explains the theory and practice of teaching your horse to back up at liberty.

Watch horseman, Jonathan Field, with his top performance horses in this action-packed demo video showcasing what Jonathan has achieved with horses.

Jonathan Field and Glenn Stewart at 2012 Road to the Horse

By Jonathan Field - Last April, I got a call from Road to the Horse producer Tootie Bland asking if I would like to participate in the first Road to the Horse International, a colt-starting championship in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in March 2012. What a surprise and honour it was to have the chance to represent my country.

Will Clinging, hard-mouth horse, hard-minded horses, headstrong horse

Most people who are involved with horses have at some point ridden a horse with a “hard mouth.” There is a lot of advice and equipment designed to deal with this problem but understanding how the mouth became hard would be more help than a stronger bit. I believe that there is no such thing as a hard mouthed horse; they are “hard minded” horses.

By Jonathan Field - This article focuses on the very basics of daily care and handling. These are daily rituals that will change the way your horse looks at you and, more importantly, change the way you look at your horse. I picked these specific exercises because they are things that are done every single day.





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