Natural Horsemanship

Playing with Horses at Liberty

Liberty means to play with a horse with no ropes. I clearly remember the first time I saw a horse run up to someone and follow them at liberty. It blew my mind!

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By Jonathan Field - In this next series of articles, I will share with you a very special horse of mine named Camaroon LXXXIV, or “Cam”, an eight-year-old Andalusian stallion. I’ve had Cam for two years and we’re really starting to connect. It’s been quite a journey to get here, however, and I want to share some of the gems I have learned along the way.

Jonathan Field explains why purpose is important and shares tips on how to ride with purpose in the arena from his Riding DVD #5 "Test Your Teaching: Challenge, Purpose and Fun."

Helping a Herd Bound Horse

Jonathan Field takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to a simple, natural formula. Then, working with a pushy and reactive herd bound horse, he demonstrates how horses need leadership to relax and learn.

In this clip from The Liberty Series, DVD #8: Liberty & Beyond, Jonathan Field explains the theory and practice of teaching your horse to back up at liberty.

Watch horseman, Jonathan Field, with his top performance horses in this action-packed demo video showcasing what Jonathan has achieved with horses.

Jonathan Field and Glenn Stewart at 2012 Road to the Horse

By Jonathan Field - Last April, I got a call from Road to the Horse producer Tootie Bland asking if I would like to participate in the first Road to the Horse International, a colt-starting championship in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in March 2012. What a surprise and honour it was to have the chance to represent my country.