Horse Shopping? 5 Keys to Success

By Lindsay Grice - When I have a client who is looking for a horse, I often need to remind her to shop with her head and not her heart. Colour, cuteness, or a fancy pedigree must take second place to other more basic qualities: temperament, tolerance, training, talent, and soundness.

Finding the Right Coach

By Lindsay Grice - A good coach should be able to read their students and tailor their approach somewhat to meet their needs. Following are some questions to consider as you search for an instructor who will meet your needs.

By Lindsay Grice - Knowing what diagonal and lead you’re on is a matter of feeling the rhythm and footfalls of your horse. Knowing which foot hits the ground when puts a rider in tune with his horse. He is more able to influence his horse’s movement if he times his aids according to the rhythm of the strides.

A Good Minded Horse

By Lindsay Grice - A good minded horse is a must for any novice rider. We can be easily swayed by a beautiful mover or an attractive package, but a good minded horse will often rise to the top because of his reliability and consistency.
I have had the opportunity to work with many really good minded horses over the years.



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