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Regular care is necessary to keep your horse healthy, and can help you avoid costly vet bills later on. Knowing what is normal for your horse also makes it easy to see when something abnormal arises, which could be cause for concern; catching infection or injury early can lead to faster treatment by a veterinarian and quicker recovery.

Horse Grooming Kit

There are several tools that are commonly used when grooming a horse. Proper use and technique helps to ensure the horse remains comfortable during the grooming process, and allows for greater ease in cleaning the animal.

Proper Hoof Care

By Hugh Dillon, DVM - It is not enough to just call a farrier and have him shoe your horse. One of the most basic requirements of responsible ownership is to understand and practice proper horse hoof care.

Grooming Basics

By Horse Council BC - Regular brushing, or grooming, is important for your horse. It helps clean his coat, brings out the natural oils, and stimulates circulation. It also gives you a chance to check your horse for any skin diseases, infections, or injuries. A normal horse is neither excessively itchy nor bald.