Jonathan Field explains why purpose is important and shares tips on how to ride with purpose in the arena from his Riding DVD #5 "Test Your Teaching: Challenge, Purpose and Fun."

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Boundaries. When dealing with kids or horses we do them a favour by establishing limits and expectations. When boundaries shift or are not well communicated, dullness, distraction, and resentment can arise.

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Most people who are involved with horses have at some point ridden a horse with a “hard mouth.” There is a lot of advice and equipment designed to deal with this problem but understanding how the mouth became hard would be more help than a stronger bit. I believe that there is no such thing as a hard mouthed horse; they are “hard minded” horses.

By Will Clinging - Problem horses are not generally born problem horses; they have been taught to be problem horses! There are certainly a few exceptions but as a rule, they behave they way they do because of the handling they get, or lack of handling as the case may be.

Making the Broke Horse

By Lindsay Grice - Broke. Finished. Made. The term for a horse with all the kinks ironed out differs across disciplines, but the concept is the same. This is an educated horse who knows his job. This is an experienced horse; he’s had his education tested out in various environments.

By Will Clinging - I will not use the term “spoiled” as I think a spoiled horse is one that has become a serious problem for his owner. I will say, though, that some of these pampered horses are well on their way to developing “princess complex.”

By Lindsay Grice - In my program, I lay a solid foundation of understanding and build upon it like a flight of stairs by challenging the rider or horse with a new skill as they master the previous step. This process may not appeal to the thrill seeker, but it preserves the sanity of their equine partner, and mine as well! For example, we wouldn’t go on to a skill at the canter until it was well established at the trot.



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