By Will Clinging - By being aware of our mental outlook, emotional state and physical well being, we can become more aware of our horses. There is a lot more that goes into training a horse than just physical exercises and maneuvers.

Ride Your Horse with Your Eyes Up and Ahead

By Lindsay Grice - A rider can communicate confidence with her eyes and, of course, can pilot her horse much more effectively when she uses her eyes correctly. The eyes plan the destination and often the next stride of the horse.

By Will Clinging - Horses “live what they learn and learn what they live,” said the late Ray Hunt. It means that a horse will accept what he is taught and if it is consistent he will develop life habits. It also means that much of what a horse learns does not come from a trainer but from basic, everyday handling.

By Lindsay Grice - If you are a results-oriented person, even on a limited budget, consider that it can be a false economy to do all the training yourself. A skilled professional has learned to avoid miscommunication that can slow down a horse’s education, or cause things to get worse before they get better. A real horseman knows how to use cues with the appropriate timing, intensity, and repetition (not too much, not too little) to get the job done efficiently.

By Will Clinging - When we interact with our horses there is a dialog between us. Because horses have a physical language it is sometimes difficult to understand how our horse is communicating with us. When we handle a horse it is important to take their gestures into consideration.

By Lindsay Grice - We always need to look to a physical cause first as the key to any issue, with the realization that a horse with a good education and a relationship of respect and trust with the rider will push through the pain barrier. There is never an excuse for bucking.

By Lindsay Grice - A turn on the haunches is similar to a western pivot or, when the speed is increased, a spin. It should look like the horse is walking his forehand around his haunches while he keeps his body fairly straight (He will have a slight bend in the direction of travel).



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