By Will Clinging - Horses “live what they learn and learn what they live,” said the late Ray Hunt. It means that a horse will accept what he is taught and if it is consistent he will develop life habits. It also means that much of what a horse learns does not come from a trainer but from basic, everyday handling.

By Lindsay Grice - If you are a results-oriented person, even on a limited budget, consider that it can be a false economy to do all the training yourself. A skilled professional has learned to avoid miscommunication that can slow down a horse’s education, or cause things to get worse before they get better. A real horseman knows how to use cues with the appropriate timing, intensity, and repetition (not too much, not too little) to get the job done efficiently.

By Will Clinging - When we interact with our horses there is a dialog between us. Because horses have a physical language it is sometimes difficult to understand how our horse is communicating with us. When we handle a horse it is important to take their gestures into consideration.

By Lindsay Grice - We always need to look to a physical cause first as the key to any issue, with the realization that a horse with a good education and a relationship of respect and trust with the rider will push through the pain barrier. There is never an excuse for bucking.

By Lindsay Grice - A turn on the haunches is similar to a western pivot or, when the speed is increased, a spin. It should look like the horse is walking his forehand around his haunches while he keeps his body fairly straight (He will have a slight bend in the direction of travel).

By Will Clinging - It is not uncommon for a trainer to say that the horse is a flight animal. That is a simple enough concept but how do we deal with this instinct? Most horses use flight as their primary defense mechanism.

By Lindsay Grice - A rider can communicate confidence with her eyes in any class and, of course, pilot her horse much more effectively. I tell my students that their eyes should shift between three different pictures as they ride.



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