By Jocelyn Adams

March Madness Equine Education Series

Thank you to everyone who attended our first March Madness Equine Education Series. Our “rock star” line up of speakers did not disappoint. It was fantastic to see how engaged and interested our BC Equine Community was with this program. Every session was sold out!

Every Monday evening at 7:00pm for the month of March, HCBC was happy to provide five excellent virtual presentations given by industry experts to participants in the comfort of their own homes. 

HCBC would like to thank Lesley McGill “The Saddle Doctor,” Dr. James Carmalt, Dr. Julia Montgomery, Dr. Christine Fuchs, and the Western Canadian Farrier Group for their informative presentations.

A very special thanks to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for their continued support of Horse Council BC’s educational programs. 

BC Summer Games 2022

The Road to Prince George Starts Now!

If you are an equestrian athlete competing in Dressage, Jumping, Vaulting or Eventing and will be 12 to 18 years of age as of January 1, 2022; or if you are a Para Equestrian athlete, 13 to 30 years of age, you are invited to qualify for the 2022 BC Summer Games being held in Prince George, BC, July 21–24.

Make it your goal and part of your yearly training plan to set your sights at competing at the BC Summer Games!

What Are the BC Summer Games?

The BC Winter and BC Summer Games are British Columbia’s biennial celebration of sport and community. Since 1978, the BC Games have taken place in 38 communities and involved over 350,000 participants and volunteers, and thousands more as spectators and supporters. The purpose of the BC Games is: “To provide an opportunity for the development of athletes, coaches, and officials in preparation for higher levels of competition in a multi-sport event which promotes interest and participation in sport and sporting activities, individual achievement, and community development.” 

The BC Games bring together British Columbia’s best emerging high performance athletes, trained coaches, and certified officials for three days of competition. This experience is an important development opportunity and stepping-stone towards higher level sport competitions. Host Communities of the BC Summer Games will realize a direct economic benefit of over $2 million, while also building volunteer and community capacity and promoting sport and healthy living.

Rise above. Reach beyond.


Provincial Sport Organization Equestrian

Horse Council BC (HCBC)

(604) 856-4304

Provincial Advisor Equestrian

Lynda Ramsay

(250) 470-0424 

More information, Athlete Declaration Forms and Technical Packages are available at

Census 2021 is Coming This May

Do you live on an acreage with your horses? Then you may qualify to complete the upcoming Census of Agriculture as an agricultural operation.

In May 2021, Canadian farm operators will have the opportunity to take part in a national dialogue by completing the Census of Agriculture questionnaire.

The Census of Agriculture is a source of community-level data on agriculture. By drawing on these data, decision makers will act in the interest of farm operators, farm communities and agricultural sectors across Canada. Farm organizations are heavy users of census data and draw on this information to formulate policy recommendations, produce communications and outreach activities, and conduct market research. 

An agricultural operation is defined as a farm, ranch, or other operation that produces agricultural products for sale. The definition does include horse operations that do not sell agricultural products but offer boarding, riding, or training services.

The data collected from the census will greatly improve our government’s understanding of the equine sectors needs and will empower our industry to build and maintain a sustainable and healthy equine lifestyle.

When you are completing your Census of Population questionnaire, it will ask you if you are a farm operator. If you answer yes, you will be required to complete a Census of Agriculture form.

This May, speak up for your horses and your industry. Information is available on the Census website.

About Horse Council BC:

Horse Council BC is a membership-driven not-for-profit association representing the interests of the equine industry in all sectors throughout British Columbia. Horse Council BC continues to grow each year with membership reaching over 24,000 in 2016. Horse Council BC actively represents the equine industry in agriculture, industry, sport, and recreation through education, grant funding, club support, government advocating, liability insurance, and participant programs. 

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