The BC Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) is caring for six thoroughbred horses following a seizure from a Mission, BC property. The horses were suffering from malnutrition, dental issues, parasites, skin issues, and hoof injuries.

“In addition to suffering from nutritional and medical issues, the horses were living in substandard conditions, with inadequate shelter, muddy and slippery surfaces, and injurious hazards strewn on the property,” says Eileen Drever, the BC SPCA’s senior officer, protection and stakeholder relations. “There was also inadequate fencing on the property, permitting the horses access to a busy road.”

The horses are currently receiving veterinary treatment and on-going care at a BC SPCA foster home while they recover. “They are such beautiful animals and it is so sad to think of them suffering as they were,” says Drever. “We are so happy that they are now safe and getting the care and treatment they need.”

The investigation into the case is continuing.

The BC SPCA conducts more than 8,000 cruelty investigations each year, funded by public donations. 

One Day of Horse Care

Most horses who enter the care of the BCSPCA have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. It takes a lot of love and care to help horses learn to trust people again. This gift ensures a horse in our care gets hay, feed, a comfortable stall, cuddles, and loving attention.





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