By Laurie Haughton, Chair, CQHA Media, Marketing & Communications Committee

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA) Breeders Committee is made up of a group of diverse breeders representing every discipline within the Quarter Horse industry.

The primary objective of the committee is to promote the quality Quarter Horses which are produced in Canada by the many talented and knowledgeable breeders.

Canadian breeders have produced American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) world champions in almost every AQHA event and have also bred horses for the track that hold current AQHA records.

A major project for the committee in 2022 has been the development of a new bonus incentive for Canadian-bred Quarter Horses at major Canadian events.

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The CQHA Breeders Committee is proud to be introducing a new incentive for 2022. Beginning in July, nine shows across Canada were given the opportunity to award a CASH BONUS to the high point Canadian-bred horse of their event, or if they choose, the highest placing Canadian-bred horse within a selected class.

2022 CQHA Cash Bonus Canadian-Bred Events

  • EOQHA Hot Hot Sizzler AQHA Circuit, Jul 27-Aug 1, Carp, ON.
  • AQQH Fleur de Lys AQHA Circuit, Aug 11–14, Bécancour, QC.
  • QHAA Canadian Nationals AQHA Show, Aug 24-28, Red Deer, AB.
  • BCCHA Bell Creek Arena Show 3, Aug 25-28, Chilliwack, BC.
  • SKCHA Star City Show, Aug 27-28, Star City, SK.
  • NRHA Eastern Canada Finals, Aug 30–Sep 4, Bécancour, QC.
  • NRHA Western Canada Finals, Sep 8–11, Red Deer, AB. 
  • MBQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Classic, Sep 10-11, Brandon, MB.
  • Sumac Slide 2022, NRHA show, Sep 16-17, Trenton, NS.

CQHA Hosts Its First-Ever International Media Day 

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Filipe Masetti Leite is a world-renowned Long Rider, an award-winning journalist, and best-selling author who trekked more than 25,000 kilometres on horseback through 12 countries from 2012 to 2020. As the special guest at the CQHA International Media Day, Masetti Leite conducted interviews and did an exclusive book signing for the Canadian Quarter Horse community. Photos courtesy of CQHA

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association would like to thank the Eastern Ontario Quarter Horse Association for helping to host the first-ever CQHA International Media Day on July 28 at their Hot Hot Sizzler AQHA Circuit held in Carp, Ontario located just west of our nation’s capital.

Special guest was Filipe Masetti Leite, international Long Rider, Calgary Stampede roping commentator, best-selling author, and star of the award-winning feature-length documentary film The Long Rider. The Brazilian-born cowboy conducted interviews with the press and AQHA exhibitors, and did an exclusive book signing for the Canadian Quarter Horse community.

Members of the Ottawa Brazilian Canadian Community Association also came out to meet Filipe and learn all about the Quarter Horse. 

Good To Be Macho

Congratulations to Good To Be Macho (shown in the main image at the top of this page) owned/shown by Ben Debrouwer and bred by Rod Jefferies of Shannonville, Ontario on winning the CQHA High Point Canadian Bred horse of the 2022 EOQHA Hot Hot Sizzler.

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association exists to address issues of concern to Canadian owners of American Quarter Horses; to be a communications vehicle for and with Canadian AQHA members; and to promote and market Canadian-bred and/or Canadian-owned American Quarter Horses, both globally and domestically.

To learn more please visit or contact our media director Laurie Haughton, by email at or call 613-978-6977.

Main Photo: Lone Oak Photography, courtesy of CQHA