Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the renewal of the reciprocal agreement with US Equestrian (USEF) for 2021-2023

This agreement allows for EC Sport Licence Holders to compete in USEF licensed competitions without paying a USEF non-member fee*. It also allows EC certified Officials to receive a guest card for officiating at USEF licensed competitions. 

Furthermore, the agreement recognizes all policies and training requirements, including those related to Safe Sport, adopted by each national federation. Non-monetary disciplinary action (e.g., suspensions, bans) taken by either EC or USEF against a member or Sport Licence Holder, or agency sanctioned by either party, will be upheld and enforced in both countries. To take advantage of USEF licensed competition offerings, EC Sport Licence Holders must complete two Safe Sport training modules, Fostering Healthy Environments and Concussion Awareness, which are available free for Sport Licence Holders through the ECampus

EC Sport Licence Holders participating in USEF licensed competition are also required to adhere to all rules outlined in the USEF Rule Book, in addition to the EC Rules

EC Sport Licence Requirements 

Canadians wishing to compete in USEF licensed competitions without a USEF membership or payment of a non-member fee* must be an EC Sport Licence Holder in good standing.  

Each discipline has a different requirement for the minimum level of licence required to compete in USEF licensed competition, as outlined below. 

Discipline - Minimum EC Sport Licence Requirement 

  • Breed Sports - Bronze 
  • Dressage - Gold 
  • Para-Dressage - Gold 
  • Driving - Gold 
  • Endurance - Gold 
  • Equitation - Bronze 
  • Eventing - Bronze 
  • General Performance - Bronze 
  • Hunter - Bronze 
  • Reining - Gold 
  • Show Jumping - Gold 
  • Vaulting - Gold 
  • Any discipline not listed above - Bronze 

*Exception: Certain qualifying classes and finals at USEF licensed competitions may require a valid USEF or USEF recognized affiliate membership. 


To review the full USEF/UC Reciprocal Agreement 2021-2023, click here. For questions regarding your EC Sport Licence and the associated benefits, please contact sportlicences@equestrian.ca.  

Photo: Shutterstock/Rolf Dannenberg 



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