By Mark Andrews

If you have had a fall in the past 12 months, you are urged to take part in research on stirrup safety.

If you ride, then falls go with the territory. One aspect of falls and injuries that is often speculated about, but to date has not been properly studied, is the role that the stirrups play in safety or risk of injury. 

Dr. David Marlin, Cambridge (UK) and Dr. Jane Williams, Hartpury University (UK) have set up a survey to collect data on recent falls (within the past 12 months). The aim is to try and understand what factors related to the stirrups may increase or reduce the risk of injury in riders.

The survey consists of nineteen short questions and should take about four minutes to complete. No personal data will be collected. To take part in the survey click HERE.

Published with the kind permission of Mark Andrews, Equine Science Update.



Manitoba Horse Council

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