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Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be hosting a one-day Equine Health Education Seminar for Alberta Horse Owners. The seminar will be held on Saturday April 7, 2018, in the Libin Theatre, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine Building, at 3320 Hospital Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta.

On February 10, 2018 the University of Guelph hosted the second Equine Industry Symposium aimed at bringing industry professionals and enthusiasts together to discuss ways to keep and retain youth engagement under the theme Joining Forces on Youth Engagement.

We are the newly founded Canadian Society for the Andalusian Horse (CSAH), a federally incorporated not-for-profit breed welfare advocate for Andalusian (Spanish and/or Portuguese), Pura Raza Espanola (PRE), and Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) horses in Canada.

Exposure to crystalline silica dust in riding arenas presents health hazards for horse trainers and riding coaches. They are at risk for several respiratory conditions if they work primarily in a riding arena or round pen with sand footing, as almost all sand contain crystalline silica. As the horses work, they disturb the silica, producing a fine, airborne silica dust.

Rhonda Reese, who had served as Executive Director of Midwest Horse Fair since 2007, has been charged with 61 counts of felony theft and writing false cheques. She is accused of redirecting more than $200,000 of the organization’s funds to her personal use. The Midwest Horse Fair is an annual event that draws horse enthusiasts from across the United States.

In the United States, military veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often prescribed therapeutic horseback riding (THR) as a complementary therapy, but little is known about how these programs affect PTSD in military veterans. Now, a University of Missouri study has determined that veterans had a significant decrease in PTSD scores just weeks after THR.

Inmates are learning to care for large animals through a unique program on the grounds of the Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) near Oliver. Through a partnership with the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB), trained handlers are on hand each morning to guide up to six participating inmates in the care, feeding, grooming, and washing of two horses: Roanie, a red-roan, nine-year-old Mustang, and Gypsy, a gold-brown, 18-year-old Quarter-Mustang. While participants won’t be riding the range, the horse program is designed to put them back in the saddle with new job skills when they’re released from custody.



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