Nutrition, in particular the problem of obesity, is the subject of the latest episode of the Morris Animal Foundation’s “Fresh Scoop” podcast, which is now available.

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Canadian Horse Journal and Summerside Tack & Western Wear are pleased to announce the Celebration of Horses Photo Contest Album of Winners!

Ottawa, ON, Dec. 1, 2020 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is proud to announce its partnership with Equine Register (ER) for the development of a national central equine data-sharing platform, which is a vital element of the Canadian Equine Identification Program (CEIP).

The Iqaluit Humane Society, Nunavut’s only animal shelter, has learned that its city-owned building will be demolished in 2021. If the group cannot raise enough funds to secure a location, there will be zero animal services in the nearly two million square kilometer territory.

Nutrition and obesity in horses is the topic of the latest episode of Morris Animal Foundation’s “Fresh Scoop” podcast, available November 17. Host Dr. Kelly Diehl, the Foundation’s Senior Director of Science and Communications, speaks with Dr. Patricia Harris, a specialist in veterinary and comparative nutrition.

Ottawa, ON - Equestrian Canada (EC) is working to become a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization, with the long-term goal of fully integrating these values into Canadian equestrian sport at large.

The kindest thing you can do is prevent needless suffering this winter

With bitter weather approaching, the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) encourages owners of senior horses to evaluate whether their animal can endure an Alberta winter. Older horses struggle to create body warmth in the extreme cold, and many will suffer despite their owner’s best efforts.



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