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  • The Psychology of Concussion - How emotional and psychological aspects of concussion play an important role in recovery.
  • Man’s Best Friends - Dogs and horses. With patience and time, predator and prey can become comfortable and safe in each other’s presence. 
  • Canadian Equestrians Who Inspired Our National Pride - Marking Canada’s 150th anniversary with profiles of equestrian athletes who have excelled on the world stage.
  • Celebration of Horses Photo Contest - Album of winners from our 26th annual contest.


  • Equine Eye Cancer Research - A new study of horses affected with squamous cell carcinoma has implications for human health.
  • Digestive Issues in Horses (aka “Winter Diarrhea”) - Alleviating chronic diarrhea in the horse is a multifaceted issue that usually involves diet decisions.
  • Winter Watering Options - How to prevent dehydration and keep the water flowing in freezing temperatures. 
  • Demystifying the Cranial Bones - Exploring the function of these potent puzzle pieces and the far-reaching impact of a cranial imbalance on your horse.


  • Industry Products & Services
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Deck the Stalls! Holiday Gifts 

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