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Equine Crib-Guard Spray from EQyss, preventing horse cribbing, dealing with equine cribbing

In 1991, some compassionate pet owners in Vista, California, founded EQyss to develop better-quality grooming products for their family pets. They not only committed to making products using scientifically superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes, but also committed to clean energy technology to lower their carbon footprint by using solar energy, purified water, and FDA manufacturing standards for the highest quality of production.

Out Of The Wild. When cattle rancher Henry McBride falls asleep at the wheel of his truck and drives off an embankment killing his wife and son, his life is shattered into an endless guilt-ridden torment dulled only by booze. Leaving everything behind, he drifts for years, earning just enough for the next tank of gas and the next bottle of whiskey.

The Jo Grant mysteries Book 2 - For those who love mystery novels and horses, here’s a book that is absolutely compelling. Set in the beautiful horse country of Kentucky, Behind the Bonehouse by Sally Wright is the second in a series of Jo Grant mysteries that began with Breeding Ground.

A long-time resident at Triple R Ranch, Caddie is a stocky, powerful horse who has seen many other horses in his herd come and pass on. Many of them have come from places where they were neglected, abused, or needed to be rescued. And some came because they needed to be retrained for a new career.

primebed, cascade hay, horse bedding canada, flax seed equine

All Natural Premium Animal Bedding - PrimeBed is a new, environmentally and user-friendly bedding alternative to conventional straw or wood pellets.

As a fan and longtime user of Rocky Mountain Riders Rescue Rub, I was thrilled when they released Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub. Just like the product for people, the equine version is 100 percent natural, hand crafted with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I have been using Riders Rescue Rub for some time now with great success for relief from general muscle tension, and it’s essential after a fall or injury.

In spring and summer, many horses can suffer from Sweet Itch, an allergic skin response to the bite of midges. The midges focus on the mane, back or tail, under the belly and on the legs. The rubbing and biting can lead to loss of hair, bald patches and broken or bleeding skin. Constant aggravation will lead to interruptions in grazing or feeding.

You know what it’s like when your back is sore and you’ve got to clean the paddock with a wheelbarrow and shovel. It takes forever and now your back is really sore.

above all gates, equine gates, horse barn gates, gary carlo horse

Manufacturer of Custom Entrance Gates and Equine Products - Above All Gates was established in 2005 by Gary Carlo on his personal farm in Ocala, Florida. With the primary focus on building equine products for his own horse barns and pastures, he soon began supplying the needs of the surrounding area. In addition to equine products he started building custom front entrance gates for many of the over 400 farms in the Ocala area.

Easy Fit Saddles, western saddle, adjustable saddles, lightweight saddles

Traditional on the outside, innovative on the inside. Easy Fit Saddles, based in Millarville, Alberta, caters to horse people who want a saddle that truly fits both horse and rider.






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