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Frosting by ReitenRight, arena footing additives, horse footing additive

Over the last decade the equestrian world has seen an influx of arena footing additives created to enhance the riding experience. With a selection of additives on the market, selecting one for your arena can be a daunting task.

SeeHorse, Wearable horse Device, AgInnovation Ontario, Ontario Equestrian Federation

There’s a new wearable technology for horses that lets them email their owner or veterinarian if they’re not well. Similar to the wristbands or gym fitness straps that people use, the SeeHorse wearable collects a horse’s vital signs and sends that information to a Smartphone or other device, alerting owners or veterinarians when something is not quite right.

Equine safety is one of the main concerns horse owners face on a daily basis. Their four-legged friends can become bored, mischievous, or inquisitive, and sometimes equine curiosity can lead to negative consequences. Safety is also a consideration during transport, competition, and especially during times of injury and recovery.

Prairie Marie, Marie Marshall, browband, equine browband, prairie paints, horse browband

The goal for designer Marie Marshall is to make your horse shine.

Barn Pros, post-frame horse, horse barns, equine barns, pre-engineered barns

The barn-inspired, post-frame manufactured buildings by Barn Pros are designed with environmentally harvested materials, infused with the craft and detail of a custom build, and engineered to be easy to construct as well as beautiful.

New from Tom Balding, this beautifully crafted bit features the new Bighorn© shank in brown with stainless dots, measuring 7 3/4 inches, with the Tom Balding Correction© mouthpiece.

The Solo-Ride arrived in a box covered with pictorial instructions, and included a fanny pack (with lots of pockets) in which to store the Solo-Ride while riding. The Solo-Ride itself is comprised of thick nylon webbing that creates the support system, a folding stirrup that is made of lightweight aluminum, and a padded strap that can be used for additional padding either on the wither or under the leg.

dressage girths, jumping girths, Total Saddle Fit, total saddle fit girths, shoulder relief girths

Recently, Canadian Horse Journal received two Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girths to test out. The girths are available in dressage or jumping/all-purpose and are designed to allow for a full range of shoulder motion, elbow comfort, and better saddle fit. I took the jumper girth and my co-worker Emily tested the dressage girth.

Kubota Tractor, Kubota M7 Series, Kubota horse tractor, Kubota equine tractor, horse farm

The M7-Series is Kubota’s Mid-Range Tractor Entry into the Commercial Livestock and Row-Crop Production Markets. From the floor of its 2014 Dealer Meeting in Nashville, On October 14, 2014, Kubota Canada Ltd. introduced its M7-Series tractor line, three new mid-range tractors in the 130 to 170 horsepower range.

Standlee Forage, Otter Co-Op, Horse Feed, Horse Alfalfa, Equine Alfalfa

Otter Co-op, based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, is proud to announce that in September we will be the Canadian supplier of Standlee Forage products.




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