Magic Cushion® Hoof Packing Now Available in Canada

Absorbine® introduces Magic Cushion® in Canada

East Longmeadow, MA – Magic Cushion® hoof packing has long been trusted by farriers, veterinarians, and top riders for the fast-acting, long-lasting relief it brings hot, sore hooves. Now, Absorbine® is pleased to announce the favourite hoof packing is now available in Canada after receiving approval from Health Canada within the Veterinary Health Products program. It will be sold exclusively through Greenhawk Equestrian Sport during the initial four months of availability.

Named “One of the Top Five Products Recommended by Farriers to Clients” by American Farriers Journal, Magic Cushion® is the solution for overworked and overheated hooves. An application of the hoof packing cools hooves after exertion, and cushions for comfort. The hoof packing starts working within one hour, delivering relief quickly.  

Canadians are hardly unfamiliar with Magic Cushion®; the product has been heavily endorsed by Canadian show jumping legend, Ian Millar. “Magic Cushion® is my go-to hoof packing,” he says. “It keeps my horses comfortable and performing at their best.” 

Magic Cushion® is now approved for sale in Canada, exclusively available at Greenhawk Equestrian Sport retail locations and via their online catalog during the introductory summer and fall months. Greenhawk is currently the only authorized seller of Magic Cushion® products in Canada.

Absorbine® is pleased to finally deliver the favourite hoof packing into the hands of Canadian farriers, riders, and horse owners who have long been inquiring where they can purchase Magic Cushion®. 

“The demand for Magic Cushion® has been strong in Canada, and we are thrilled to at last be able to supply this excellent product in partnership with Greenhawk,” says Chris Jacobi, President of Absorbine®. “This is a product we are particularly proud of, and it is satisfying to see it stretch across borders as we continually strive to serve our customers globally.” 

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Magic Cushion® Hoof Packing Now Available in Canada
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