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As of July 1, 2023, EC Coach Status is required for all Canadian residents coaching athletes at EC sanctioned competitions and activities as follows:

Bronze and/or Silver Events: EC Registered Coach (minimum)

Gold and/or Platinum Events: EC Licensed Coach 

For those who do not meet the minimum requirements, the opportunity to purchase Temporary Coach Status (TCS) will be available for a fee. TCS is valid only for the event at which it is purchased. TCS will not be available after December 31, 2025.

To learn more about 2023 EC TCS and fees, and access the TCS Application Form, please visit these links: 

2023 EC TCS Frequently Asked Questions.

Temporary Coach Status Form

About the Equestrian Canada Coaching Program

Equestrian Canada (EC), in partnership with the Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) is dedicated to providing coaches and instructors with the necessary tools to make the equestrian experience safe and enjoyable for all participants, horse and human, and to develop excellence in horsemanship.

The EC Coaching Program currently encompasses two programs that work in tandem: the Coach Status Program and EC/NCCP Coach Certification.

EC’s vision is to see every equestrian Coach in Canada hold licensed coach status by 2025. For athletes, caregivers of athletes, and competition providers, licensed coach status provides assurance of coaching competence and a commitment to safety in equestrian sport.  

To learn more visit: EC Coaching Program - Why Become Certified

For questions regarding the EC Coaching Program, please contact coaching@equestrian.ca

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