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With warmer weather arriving and the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) receding, many riders are thinking about loading their horses in their trailer and hauling to new places. But before hooking up a horse trailer that’s been parked all winter or even one that’s been used all winter on salt and grit-covered roads, it’s wise to have the trailer serviced to ensure that everything is working properly.

Horse trailer servicing, fabrication, and repair are specialties of Petersen Trailers in Langley, BC which was started by Clint Petersen in 1990. When Petersen was a child, his parents operated the Hyline Quarter Horse breeding farm, so Petersen competed on Quarter Horses from age five to nineteen, was involved with Langley Pony Club, and helped his dad build horse trailers. Petersen then competed in motocross, applied his mechanical know-how to 4-X-4 monster trucks, and became a skilled autobody painter before opening Petersen Trailers. Meshing his knowledge of horses with extensive hands-on mechanical skills, Petersen is now known throughout BC’s Lower Mainland area as “the horse trailer guy,” and is a great person to get trailer servicing advice from.

Petersen says that regular trailer servicing is really worthwhile because it lengthens the life of the trailer, reduces wear and tear on the tow vehicle, helps avoid breakdowns, and ensures driver and horse safety. For trailers that are used rarely, Petersen recommends servicing before use to ensure, for example, that the brakes haven’t seized, moving parts are lubricated, and electrical components are functional.

Petersen says trailers that are used occasionally should have annual servicing. This applies to brand new trailers too, which Petersen advises should be immediately serviced upon purchase. Although this sounds like overkill, he says that most of today’s new trailers are manufactured on an assembly line, so occasionally defects occur. As such, servicing a new trailer can identify defects while the trailer is still under warranty, and allow them to be fixed before problems arise.

For trailers that are in regular use, Petersen recommends more frequent servicing, including a comprehensive safety inspection in the spring and before any long trips to catch potential problems and ensure peace of mind.

Some of the problems that may arise during an inspection could require more extensive repair work, such as updating the electrical system or lights; replacing the brakes or suspension; structural or kickboard repair; and fixing vents, windows, doors, ramps, or floorboards. Petersen Trailers does all of this work, and will also modify horse trailers to owners’ specifications, such as converting a three-horse trailer into a two-horse trailer, customizing the tack room, constructing stalls for miniature ponies or livestock, and installing specialized flooring or kick-resistant walls.

So before hauling horses down the road this spring, do yourself and your horses a favour and have your horse trailer serviced. It’s far better to spend a bit of time and money fixing problems before they arise than after having a breakdown on the side of the road. 

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