Benefits of a Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle

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Increasing the horse’s comfort is always a good idea — and now it’s easier than ever to go bitless. The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is designed to allow gentle, effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horse’s head.

Sometimes, when you just can’t find a bit that works, or your horse seems to resent riding altogether, the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer. Whether you ride English or Western, using a bitless bridle — even for a short period of time — can be like a new beginning for your horse and riding program. With increased comfort, the horse becomes a happier, more willing partner, leading to improvements in performance, safety, and your overall riding enjoyment.

r. Cook Bitless Bridle, bridle discomfort horses, best bitless bridles

There are numerous benefits to using a bitless bridle. If you suspect mouth discomfort might be a factor in undesirable behavior, removing the bit will help pinpoint the problem. On long trail rides, there will be no bit to hinder grazing and drinking. Horses that have had recent dental work, or seniors with tooth issues, will appreciate the bitless comfort. And for the riding school or therapeutic horse, whose riders have not developed an independent seat and soft hands, removing the bit will allow them to relax and focus on their rider more intently.

The transition to riding bitless requires a surprisingly small amount of time and effort — often just one ride. As with introducing any new tack or equipment, it’s best to start in a small enclosed area, such as a round pen or indoor arena.

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research. It’s made in the USA out of premium American materials, marketed all over the world, and used in all disciplines.

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