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SciencePure Mare Support

SciencePure Mare Support

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Reviewed by April D. Ray

The world of supplements can be hard to navigate, especially if you have more than one concern that you’re trying to address when supplementing your horse’s diet. Whether it’s joint health, gut health, or just overall health, it can become overwhelming at the best of times. 

Science Pure Nutraceuticals Inc. has addressed this challenge with their all-in-one concentrates. As the owner of a very “marish” mare, their Mare Support sounded like just the right fit for my warmblood, Fire Foot MR5. A product designed for maintaining optimum health and balanced minds, it promotes healthy gut microflora, the immune system, and maintains the integrity of joint, joint fluid, cartilage, tendons, skin, hair and hooves. It is recommended for horses on grass-type diets, but not suitable if feeding over 40 percent of alfalfa in their daily forage.  

Transitioning Fire from a more traditional feeding program to this supplement was easy, and as suggested by the knowledgeable staff at Science Pure, I added to the powder some alfalfa pellets, salt, and mixed it with soaked beet pulp. It is very palatable and I had no issue with Fire eating the powder, and since putting Fire on this supplement I have noticed a considerable change. Not only is she easier to work with, she seems happier and less stressed in general. Even my coach has seen a significant difference in her performance and willingness to work and learn new things. 

I highly recommend this product to anyone with a mare, even if she isn’t tricky like mine! It’s nice to know that with just two scoops a day I am looking after Fire’s stomach, joints, and overall health. As a bonus, all Science Pure’s products are all-natural and 100 percent legal in all equine sporting events.

For information on this product and much more visit Pureform Equine Health Supplements.

Main photo: Soul Touch Photography

Sciencepure - Mare Support
Sciencepure - Mare Support