Special Double Issue of Canadian Horse Journal

Canada's Horse Industry at Your Fingertips

Delivering practical information about our horse industry, and a comprehensive source of reference covering all breeds and disciplines, for today's horse enthusiast

2015 Features Include...

How To Horsekeeping

  • 5 tasks every horse person should know how to tackle 

Careers with Horsepower

Making a Living with Horses

  • Exploring seven career paths that led from passion to profession.

Knowledge is Power

  • Equine Guelph offfers flexible options for all horse owners

Horse Health

Drugs: The Dangers of Medicating

  • The impact of improper use of commonly administered drugs

New Research Projects at WCVM

  • Equine Cushing’s disease, septic arthritis, bacterial infections, and laminitis.

Horse Industry

Options in Equine Insurance

  • Choose the right policy for you and your horse.

How to Reduce Boarding Stress

  • Written agreements help protect the rights of both horse and stable owners.

OEF and HCBC… At Your Service

  • Canada’s equine federations are the hub of the horse industry.


New Approaches to Wild Horse Management

  • Game-changing strategies for population control in Alberta. 

The Edible Horse… What If?

  • Exploring the controversial implications of thinking outside the box.

Also Including...

  • The Marketplace – Your comprehensive source for products, services, breeds, stallions, and more
  • New & Noteworthy – A collection of products and services available in Canada from horse industry businesses

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