Canadian Horse Journal - Summer 2019

In This Issue


  • Do Inflatable Air Jackets Reduce Injury? - Recent research suggests otherwise.
  • Rider Weight Makes a Difference - Horses and ponies should be matched with riders of appropriate size and fitness.
  • The Dream of Buying An Acreage - Does your vision of rural life reflect reality for you and your family?
  • Horse Property For Sale! - A look at the legal and financial considerations for first-time buyers.
  • We’re Celebrating! - Canadian Horse Journal awarded for editorial excellence.
  • The Magic of Ian Millar - Reflections on a lifetime of brilliant achievement and an endless fascination with horses.
  • A Morgan For Everyone - This people-pleasing breed truly is the horse that chooses you.


  • Laminitis is More Common Than Previously Thought - A recent study shows that laminitis is a year-round threat and as common as colic.
  • Approaches to Farrier Care and Laminitis Prevention - Farriers can play a key role in the overall health of the horse.
  • Chemotherapy for Equine Lymphoma? - Study shows treatment has minimal side effects and can prolong life.
  • The Well-Fed Foot - Nothing is as essential to overall hoof health as nutrition.
  • An Inside Look at Joints - Exploring healthy function and the wonder of synovial joints.


  • Country Homes & Acreages
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Celebration of Horses Photo Contest
  • Products We Love

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