Canadian Horse Journal - Spring 2019

In This Issue


  • 5 Steps of Spring Horse Care - Take steps now to make sure your horse is comfortable and happy prior to the busy summer months.
  • Deadly Foal Pneumonia - A breakthrough in the hunt for a vaccine offers hope for horse lovers.
  • How Often is Training Equipment Used? - Research reveals that training equipment is not used as often as some people think.
  • Do Zebra Stripes Repel Flies? - Study confirms that those black and white stripes really do thwart horsefly landings.
  • How Much Does Your Horse Weigh? - How to assess your horse’s body weight and condition without a scale.
  • Equine Asthma - Answers to nine frequently asked questions about this common respiratory disease.
  • Open the Thoracic Cage - The healthy functioning of this complex area will lead to a relaxed and happy ride.


  • Building Your Dream Horse Barn - The right contractor for your barn project makes all the difference.
  • Hazards on the Farm - Reduce risks by making your barn and property safer for your horses.
  • On a Quest to Ride with Bison - Experiencing a piece of the past while exploring what is the bison’s home and native range.
  • The Real Cuba – From the Saddle - The unique heritage, beautiful countryside, and simple lifestyle seen from the back of a native Criollo horse.


  • Horse Council BC News
  • Country Homes & Acreages
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Products We Love
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Product Reviews

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