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  • Horse Manure – From Waste to Resource. Appreciating horse manure as a resource rather than a waste product. 
  • Wildfire! Flood! Earthquake! Do you have a disaster management plan in place to deal with your worst nightmare?
  • Head First: Head injuries are the most common reason for admission to hospital or death among riders.
  • 11 Reasons for Not Wearing a Riding Helmet: A serious head injury can be life-changing, yet many riders still have reasons for not wearing a riding helmet.
  • Saddle Fit for Children: Why do so few boys ride horses?
  • Equestrian Canada: Hurdles cleared – where does our national governing body go from here?


  • 8 Ways to Think Like a Parasite: To understand the parasites you want to control, you need to think like one.
  • Sarcoid Tumours in Horses: Research reveals that a horse’s genes can determine its susceptibility to sarcoids.
  • Good Pasture Management: Guidelines for growing a healthy, productive pasture that will provide many benefits to you and your horses.


  • Celebration of Horses Photo Contest
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • New & Noteworthy Products & Reviews
  • Country Homes & Acreages
  • Odysseo by Cavalia Returns to Ontario 

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